Coolsat Are there any bin files to update a CS7100 hereabouts?

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Mar 29, 2010
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Would like to TRY to knock some sense into my CoolSat 7100 with a firmware update, if I can find one. Are there any kept here for our access, or is this voodoo only undertaken by hackers of ill repute?? Sure seems like this shouldn't have taken all afternoon - but I'm afraid it has. Feelin pretty stupid about now - could have just trashed this box and bought something else.

but I've always LIKED my coolsats!

oh well . . . .
No, we do not keep a repository for them here, for the most part, because of what you mentioned.
We tried it for a few years but we had too many files that were designed to hack the box.
With no way to test out every file that someone uploads to see if it is legit firmware or hackware, we removed it.
However, if a user has a firmware file for the Cool Sat 7100 I have no problem with them attaching it to a post in this thread.
Just make sure to ZIP it first.
In fact I are one of those users, it appears, looking at my files............Hope this helps!


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Wow - that's about the best outcome I could hope for - that you'd arrive so promptly with such a clever hint at a solution, and nearly as promptly to show up to capitalize on that brilliant suggestion for me -- HUGE thanks would be in order, if I could type that big!!! I'll be trying this out ASAP while I try to write you poetry or something....
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Let me know how it goes. I might be able to dig out other stuff for the 7100. I even have one somewhere, don't use it anymore, too many channels are DVB-S2 now.

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