is there any reason for me to keep my DSL? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 25, 2003
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Try not using it for a month and see if you do OK. If you run into issues on your smartphone you know you need to keep your DSL or at least address those issues first.


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Aug 9, 2004
That was going to be what my suggestion was. Do like Mike said. If you don't miss it or run into any problems dump it. You can always get it back down the road.


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Oct 13, 2003
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For me, with LTE, I would do just fine except for two things, as already mentioned, downloading streaming content uses way too much bandwidth and would be too costly on wireless LTE but also, your smart phone screen size can be an annoying limitation. If you can tether the smart phone bandwidth to your desktop, that may be a solution. When was away for a month I had a desktop that I tethered to my 3G phone using PDAnet and it did fine. I even used my standard def sling box with it. But my account is unlimited so the quantity of data didn't get costly.


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Apr 14, 2006
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So much of it depends on individual consumption patterns. When we moved four years ago, we were stuck in an apartment for a month, and could not get the cable company to come out and setup service, so we did wired tethering on an old Treo 700p. (And paid $45 for the privilege!) It worked, but was not at all satisfying for anyone. But of course, the tethering technology is so much better today, and the speeds are so much faster. BUT in the end, its all about how much data you will use.

My folks will be in Florida for three months, starting next week. They are using a LTE MiFi solution from Verizon. It should work for them. They were going to dump FIOS at home and just use it year round, except Times Warner gave them a killer phone/tv/internet deal, so they just switched back to cable broadband at home.

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