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Nov 9, 2004
Hey all,

Have a brief question about my DirecTV install. I've had it for some time without too many problems, but still have a few in bad weather (can't complain too much though). Still, on a clear day, I get:

101 Sat @ ~90-95% Signal Strength
119 Sat @ ~90-95% Signal Strength
110 Sat @ ~80-85% Signal Strength (Updated: Was ~75-80%)

Is this normal variance based on location? Or should there be a way to boost the C (110) Sat's value (would have to have DirecTV come out to tweak the install, which I'm not real anxious to do but would if it can likely be done)?

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Okay, good to know that's normal. It gives me problems in bad weather (usually I lose the HD channels on 110 before I lose anything else), but in good to fair weather, no - not really. I just thought if that was abnormal, I should look into fixing it.

Also, tested again today (clearer day), and I still got 90-95 on the other sats, but I got 80-85 on 110, so that's a little better than previously thought.

Thanks for the reply!
Sgupta, what receiver are you using for the signal strength? If it's the H20 or HR20, I think they usually only show signals in the 70s or so. I assume you are using another receiver since you have signal levels in the 90s. On my HR10-250 I have 95-97 across the board for 101, 110, 119, FWIW!
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