Is this the right tool for the job?


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Aug 14, 2008
I'm new at networking and I want to start making my own network wires/cables for my office. I ordered this crimping tool from (crimper should be here in a few days) and I wanted to learn if there are any other kinds of network cat5 wire crimping tools out there that would work better? is the location for the crimp plires on thier website, those are the ones that I bought. Funny that it says Germany on the handle of the plires but I would gues they are made in China since the company I bought them from is in China. If you know of a name of a certin cat 5 wire crimper that would be better for me to use then please post it here. Thank you :)


Jul 22, 2008
This crimper should suffice just fine. Here are a few helpful cable building money savers too. has 1000' cat5e for $79 w/ free shipping. $109 for cat6. I've never seen a better price for this wire. is also a great website for cable boots, patch cables and rj45 connectors. You may have to put together several items to make the shipping worth while.

I don't have any affiliation with these sites, I just make a lot of my own cables.

Also, you may want to invest in a good wire stripper. Something like the Paladin Tools 1119. Doesn't have to be that expensive, but a similar tool is helpful.

Good luck.


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May 18, 2008
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also, be careful to use the same existing wiring scheme it's usually either T568 A or B on rare occasions they don't work together with certain equipment and like Waff said you should get the strippers. Another tip is strip about 1.5 inches so you can untwist the wires easily then cut the wires so they stick out of the sheathing about ½ or less, carefully insert into the modular plug, crimp the carefully massage the sheathing into the modular plug to make it look clean.