Is WPIX available CONUS on Direct TV?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by '97DISH*user, Jun 2, 2018.

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    I'm HERE!!!!
    Long time Dish subscriber that has WPIX New York on my packae since 1997. I have a friend that has Direct TV asked if WPIX was also available as a CONUS channel on The Direct TV system??? ( yes he's a Mets fan!) Thanks from a long time reader of Satellite Guys forums!! :)
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    No, just ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.
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    These are available to you if your in the NY area.

    Available Channels

    Network Affiliate Local Channel # 3-Digit Channel # HD Channel
    CBS WCBS 2 2
    NBC WNBC 4 4
    FOX WNYW 5 5
    ABC WABC 7 7
    MNT WWOR 9 9
    CW WPIX 11 11
    PBS WNET 13 13
    PBS WLIW 21 21
    ETV WNYE 25 25
    ION WPXN 31 31
    IND WJLP 33 33
    AZA WNYN 39
    UNI WXTV 41 41
    IND WZME 43 43
    TMO WNJU 47 47
    PBS NJN 50
    IND WLNY 55 55
    IND WRNN 62
    IND WMBC 63 63
    UMA WFUT 68 68
    PBS WEDW 49

    Seeing you posted your location as HERE .... we can't help you much further without more info ....

    Do you live in the NY area and need them elsewhere ?
    Wpix is not available if you need them Conus.

    However, If you are outside of the NY area, you could get the MLB Baseball package and the Mets would be available there.

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