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Mar 25, 2009
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So, the HDD took a turn for the worse on my 922. Received a replacement (compliments of MaryB - Thanks!) yesterday. Got everything setup and activated. Used the remote wizard to restore all of my timers. All is well.

Been gone all evening, so I can't say when the issues presented themselves - but they didn't start this way.

First problem I have is that my HDD says is 212% full with 1 recording. Yesterday it said it was 2% full.

Secondly, I have all of the timers created - but the receiver is not "recognizing" them. i.e. my wife was wondering why one of her shows was not scheduled for tomorrow evening. It's listed as timer 36, and setup correctly. I created a "new" timer, and it's timer 73. Once it was created, it shows that it is set to record tomorrow. I deleted it, hoping that the info would be retained/linked to the original timer. No such luck. I delete timer 73, and it quit recording the show (even though there is a duplicate timer)

Reset DVR, unplugged DVR - still doesn't change either situation. I even went into the original timer, edited it, and re-saved it. No change, it just does not want to recognize the timer. This is not across the board though, as there are some timers that are working OK. Not sure if there is any rhyme or reason, I just know that there is definately stuff scheduled, and is recording.

Did I get a crappy receiver for a replacement? DIRT - If I decided to get rid of the 922 and go back to the 722k (not sure if I really want to) - would I have the ability to recoupe my $200 that I had to pay for this box to begin with? Again, not sure that's really what I want to do yet - just wondering what my options are.


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Jul 23, 2007
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I would wait until tomorrow before jumping to any conclusions. It is well known that these receivers can be a bit buggy for the first 24-48 hours.

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