Issues with Twinhan 1028 Card

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Feb 3, 2008

I just bought a Twinhan 1028 card off of a local swap site. I didn't recieve any drivers for it, just the card, remote, and an extra remote. The guy said that he just installed the drivers from the Twinhan site, because the others were outdated. Well, i installed the BDM drivers and it appeared everything went well, except in Windows Media Center, where it tells me I have no card installed. I then tried diffrent drivers from their site, installing a "TwinhanDTV" Program, which also cannot find the card. I was just wondering if you anywone could give me some instructions on what drivers I need to install this. I am currently running Vista X64.. I have plenty of experience with set top boxes, and was wanting to use this card for 4:2:2 and HD feeds if I get it up and running. I appreciate anyone's help on this!


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Jan 14, 2008
Morgan Hill, CA
Windows Media Center does not support DVB-S directly. It says you have to use an external set top box. This page has more information.

The latest Twinhan driver appears to have 64bit support, so I would say look in device manager and verify that you see the DVB-S card and it says the driver is loaded and working properly.

I don't know anything about those specific Twinhan programs but once you verify the driver is loaded you should be able to run something like ProgDVB and have it find the card.
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