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Apr 26, 2006
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This is in regards to feed hunting...

Now tht I have my new AZBox Premium PLUS in my grubby little paws, I can BLIND SCAN for feeds again, with ease! It is really great to be able to do this once again. I had grown so accustomed to BLIND SCANNING with my Coolsat 5K, that when I bought the AZBox Premium (the initial or original model) I felt quite handicapped in this adventure.

I still have some issues with the AZBox's quirks, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for them.

Now, to get to the FEED HUNTING... While I have been playing with this new PLUS model, I run across all sorts of unique feeds and I get so engrossed in them that I forget to record them! There are some really neat ones, some very funny ones and some very informative ones.

This morning, I found one, with the news crew out in the field having audio problems. I could hear almost everything going on, but evidently other parts of the team could not. The REALLY nice looking lady reporter kept repeating mic checks and reciting her lines and even used a cowbell to test the audio. They couldn't seem to isolate the problem for whoever couldn't hear them (I could hear her fine) and she kept repeating "It's not us". Then the news truck operator motioned for the cameras to come into the truck and they showed the inside of the truck and the AV equipment and did a little troubleshooting with the other end of the team using the camera. Showing them that the signal was good on their end. It was really an excellent feed because, not only did we see the live feed of the news event, but also the inside of the news truck and the equipment and their troubleshooting tribulations!

It was a really fun thing to watch, great video quality, too!

About half way through, I had one of those V-8 moments and reached for the remote and pressed RECORD. Darn! I wish I had done that sooner! ;)



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Sep 22, 2005
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damned shame FTA PVRs don't . . .

My ancient DishNetwork PVR has the ability to back up an hour or two, to let you see anything that's been received on the current channel.
If you back up and press record, the entire previously viewed video goes to the hard drive and you have that permanent record.

Of course, if you change channels, that buffer gets cleared.
It can't work miracles. - :rolleyes:
Still, such a simple addition to an FTA receiver is certainly within our grasp.


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Feb 24, 2007
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i saw a feed similar last year. it was of some wild fire showing how it melted an engine block. at the end the camera was carried back to the the truck live. i got to see all the pretty toys in the truck. my living room is starting to look similar. haha.

crackt out,.


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Aug 12, 2009
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Well with the Azbox it's just a matter of selecting 'timeshift' from the menu.

I don't really use it myself. I'm sure it has the same issues with high bit rates.

It also looks like there might be problems timeshifting and recording at the same time.

[edit: just tested on RTV...works fine recording with timeshift]

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yeah putney you're right

high bitrate feeds will totoally screw up the reciever if you have timeshift set up. But if timeshift is set up and as long as you dont change channel when you press record it goes back to the beginning of what was biffered


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May 6, 2005
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When a hard drive is connected to the Visionsat IV-200, it is always recording a file called "_timeshift_". This file, when full, is 3.67 GB in size. This means that as long as the program you want does not exceed that size, you can "rescue" a recording of it if you forgot to hit the record button. There are some caveats:

- Once you hit record, the timeshift file will start over.
- If you turn the receiver off and then back on, the timeshift file will start over.
- You may end up with some undesired video in the file from a previous timeshift session.

To save the file, turn off the receiver when the program you want a recording of has ended. DO NOT turn it back on, as your timeshift recording will be overwritten. Disconnect the hard drive from the Visionsat and connect it to a PC. Either copy the file to a hard drive on your PC or rename it so it does not get overwritten.

I've done this numerous times when something came on that I wanted to record and I didn't start recording at the beginning of the program.
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