Joey 4 Install questions


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Sep 12, 2023
I have a new Joey 4 and have some installation questions.
- I added the box to my account.
- I'm trying to setup away from home, and I'm stuck at "checking for availbale downloads."
- If I have to setup at home, can I then use it away from my home network (even just for the Android TV apps)?
- If I need a local connection, can I connect through the ethernet, or does it require Coax/Moca to talk to the main Hopper?

It requires a hopper. It does not work standalone. So it will only work at your home connected to the coax which should connect to the same hub that hopper is connected to.

However I guess once it's setup, you could technically take it with you and use the streaming apps. But at that point you're better off getting a roku or firestick.
I did have an issue, a little awhile ago with the Hopper +. A purple screen came up with lines across the TV. Then, the next came up with black screen with yellow and I am thinking a red stripe up on top. I unplugged the +, and then I seen another message that said Connecting to the Hopper. It is back to normal.
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Why would they not do this since they need the cash?
I thought the reason from what I read on this forum was they want people to have the same UI which is Android TV on both the Hopper 3 and the Joey and not two different UI's without the Plus, basically less chance of them calling DISH as they would need to only be familiar with one UI and not two which would reduce support costs as there is less of a chance for one to contact them for support.
Calling support is a complete waste of time. They are clueless.
Called yesterday because a newly installed wireless joey won't access both hws even though the other one would. They told me that was the way it was designed. Sad when customers know more about a product than the supplier. Feel sorry for those that have to depend on what they are told.
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It's from their perspective since the company would not know the support is clueless but even if they are clueless, the x amount of time spent and the costs is what they look at, regardless if the time spent was actually helpful or not so they can talk to you for 10 hours and give you complete garbage for the 10 hours, it's the costs for the 10 hours of time and also they pay for your call as it is a toll-free number so it's total cost from their perspective and not what the customer actually experiences which is more quality of support. Just like you can have two techs, they both are paid the same but the results will vary if you get a good competent, friendly or a incompentent one. I know more about a companies products and their company history than 99% of the people who work at that company.
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