Just cancelled Cinemax & Starz until they add the HD channels


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Dec 23, 2003
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E-mail from Walter: Outlook for more HD programming?

Answer: We are committed to have more HD than anyone else. We would like to carry Cinemax and Starz HD but those channels really don’t offer anything different than what you are getting in standard definition. Dish is looking for HD programming that is unique.

I decided to cancel my Cinemax and Starz until they add the HD channels. If everyone did this I bet they would add the HD channels real fast. I think everyone should boycott Cinemax and Starz until they add the HD stations and email ceo@echostar.com to let them know why you cancelled.
Right on... well I would cancel them if I had them. So I guess I am sort of boycotting them. I do have showtime right now, but would much prefer starz with an HD channel. As a matter of fact, I just won't consider a movie package if that package does not include an HD channel. I did just email dish. Hopefully they do get the message, cause that program director guy is sorely mistaken (does he actually think that? or just a cop out for lack of bandwidth?)
Good move. My current choice of premium movie channels (HBO and Showtime) is largely based upon having them available in high definition. I don't currently subscribe to either Starz or Cinemax, but I would if Dish provided the HDTV feeds.
I added Cinemax to my HBO a few months ago thinking that MAX-HD was right around the corner. I might drop it and save those $3 a month.
I did that months ago, when they were first offered, it didn't help. I think Charlies comments last night were basically a cover for he doesn't have the bandwidth available to add more HD at this time so let's tell them that to keep the quiet for awhile.
That is the exact reason I recently dropped Starz. I had HBO and Starz and replaced Starz with Showtime because of the HD channel. I let them know the reason why. I would also be inclined to add movie channels if they had the HD feed since I do not watch movies unless it is in HD or on DVD.
Dish needs to step up!

So they assume that we, the Dish HD subscribers, don't want MAX, STARS, etc in HD because we already have them in SD. That is Bullsh!t. I was pissed at the Sen VP of programming answers frankly! If he is speaking from his own mind on this, then he is an idiot. Hey, look on the bright side (not), we got that stupid SITV. :down

If you ask me, Charlie Ergen seemed like he wasn't up on anything. He kept asking other people to answer his questions. Pretty bad for a CEO.
I agree 100%, comparing HD and SD is apples and oranges, and I also e-mailed charlie.
The HD feed adds great value to a premium movie package. My commitment to Dish network is that I will NEVER again subscribe to a premium package that does not also provide all available HD feeds. Do you agree? Let your voices be heard. I know bandwidth is a problem for them, but they have alot of wasted bandwidth that could be better utilized by providing this service. "HD leader" indeed! Dish is on the path of HD lagger!
smooth28la said:

That's the email address of the programming guy that talked about the BS of not having to add new HD channels because Starz doesn't have enough HD movies.

Email him.. make your voices know!

Just emailed him.

I have never been happy with the lack of HD but at least I thought they understood what we wanted. But no last nights comments show that they think we want NEW HD content and arn't intrested in HD version of content in SD. ARGHHHH why do they think so many want CBS HD waivers? I don't need more shows I need the shows I watch in HD!

Lets try and get DISH to see their error.
I sent email to Charlie and Schwimmer. I included text from one of the threads that parodied Schwimmers comments effectively using Black & White TV versus Color TV and unique content.

With no additional HD content additions in site from Dish. Why should any HD enthusiasts stick with them. Voom clearly has the upper hand here. If Dish cannot see the need, which they clearly do not, they will lose customers in droves.
MNHTUG said:
If Dish cannot see the need, which they clearly do not, they will lose customers in droves.

I doubt there are enough of us out of 9.9 million subscribers to count as a "drove" :D

Perhaps Schwimmer doesn't have HD. You really don't "get it" until you have it.

For years I only subscribed to Dish at the AT-100/120 level. Two months ago, I added the 811. I now have (in addition to AT-120 and the HD Pack) both HBO and Showtime. Since I upgraded, I have yet to watch anything on the HBO/SHO SD channels. I won't watch a pan and scaned movie stretched to fit my 16x9 TV.

If they added Max and Starz HD, I'd probably have all four. So in my case, Dish is leaving $14 on the table each month by not offering the Max and Starz HD channels.

As for the HD content issue, according to the Starz HD program schedule for April, they are averaging about 5 HD movie showings per day, out of 12 or 13 total showings per day. Many of the others are wide screen, but there is no indication if they are enhanced or not.
The Starz-HD Movies are mostly not OAR,they are like HBO-HD in that zoomed to fit 16x9 screen,they do not understand when they do that the picture is not as sharp.
Movies on Showtime-HD are shown OAR.
If Dish did start offering a bit more HD channels in the premium movie packages they would probably increase the price of the packages as a result saying how it cost so much to do it.
Here is my note and reply...


Dear Mr. Schwimmer,

I was once again extremely disappointed in the double-talk on last night's
Charlie Chat where on one hand Dish Network claims to want to be the leader
in HD, and on the other hand claims that there is no 'compelling' HD content
out there.

I've looked at the StarzHD and CinemaxHD schedules. They look pretty
compelling to me. Have you looked?

Today I canceled Cinemax from my account because in my opinion, SD
programming is not compelling. I'd be happy to add it back and add Starz or
any other HD content Dish makes available.

I'm waiting to spend more money.

P.S. For what it's worth... Is Charlie lying or being lied to about being
30 days behind on shipping 921s. From all of my research, NO new 921s have
been shipped except for warranty replacements for over 90 days.


Glad to see that so many people are watching the Charlie Chat.
Thank you for the feedback on HD, a subject close to the heart of many. We
continually evaluate how to best serve our customers, and have an open mind.

Unfortunately, bandwidth limitations by definition require choices to be
made. Your feedback will help us make those choices.

Michael Schwimmer


So is it bandwidth or content? Do we need to cancel more SD channels?
My email to Micheal Schwimmer:

Dear sir,

It is my understanding that you were on the Charlie Chat last night and addressed a question about DISH's goals for HD content.

The statement said that you felt that it was more important to get new HD content instead of HD versions of channels that are currently offered in standard definition. What bothered me so much about this is that it is a total opposite of what I and many other HD enthusiasts want. What I want is to watch more of the shows I already watch in SD in HD instead. I do NOT want more channels, I want to watch the shows that I already like in High Definition. Please rethink your policy because I think you are out of touch with what we the customer wants.

-MacKenzie Patterson


Thanks for the input....You may have a good point shared by many, but it certainly isn't universally shared by all HD enthusiasts, especially when the upconversion process of SD to HD often results in inferior picture quality. But we have an open mind and I appreciate the feedback.



Anyways nice to get a response. Please more people email (Michael.Schwimmer@echostar.com) him if you disagree with his statement from the chat maybe he will see that we are the majority.

CSR manager told me 510 not available to DHP customers!

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