JVC 721? Does it matter?


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Feb 13, 2004
I am new to this board, and want to thank all for the great information I have learned. I have been a Dish Network owner for about 7 months now and have been really happy with the picture, sound etc..... I am in the market for a PVR and almost purchased a Tivo until I learned I could not record one show and watch another at the same time. Huge bummer. Looks like my only option is the 721. The easiest place for me to purchase is my local Sears, but it's branded as JVC. Are thse the same as the Dish Echo branded PVR? I have read some scary history on this PVR and want to make sure I get the "Best" one possible, ie. the least amount of issues. I assume that I would want to get a warranty? Is the warranty through Dish offered on the JVC, Dish Customer Service told me to go to Radio Shack or Sears. Does it matter?

Also, is there any serial number or software version I need to look for to avoid crashes, etc.?

Thanks for the help!

The 721 is fairly stable now but will suffer occasional crashes and reboots just like all of Dish's receivers. I have 2 of them and they work pretty good as of the last software update. They are pretty expensive but I like them. Echostar makes the dvrs and JVC is the name stamped on the outside of the door. They are the same and make no difference. If you put the dvr on your Dish account they will cover it on the year warrenty.
Thanks for the reply. Will a new PVR get the "latest software uddate" when I do the first install, or do I need to call Dish to get it?

Also, is there a charge to add the DVR to my Dish account?

Thanks again.
read the instuctions that come with it
you will need to connect both inputs to lnbs (just like 2 receivers)
software download takes place when you first hook it up (takes awhile the first time, maybe 45 minutes) after it finishes call and have activate it to your account

only charge for activation is that of ONE receiver, even though it has 2 tuners
(ie if you have any other receivers the 721 will cost another $5 a month just like any addtional receiver however there is NO DVR monthly fee on the 721)
Had my 721 for over a year and love it.
Drevil3319 said:
I am in the market for a PVR and almost purchased a Tivo until I learned I could not record one show and watch another at the same time. Huge bummer. Looks like my only option is the 721. Tom

I do believe D0tivos are dual tuner, just like the 721. Is this what you were referring to, or a Stand alone Tivo

I have a 721 and am very happy with it
Drevil3319 said:
Thanks for the reply. Will a new PVR get the "latest software uddate" when I do the first install, or do I need to call Dish to get it?

Also, is there a charge to add the DVR to my Dish account?

Thanks again.

One Thing you will have to remember: you have to either have a legacy twin or a dishpro twin lnb. If you have a dishproquad like I did you will not be able to download the initial software update . Now that is, if you buy a never activated 721. If you don't have a dishpro twin you could go to a retailer that sells Dish and they might be able to download the initial software.

The reason I post this is that I added my second 721 recently and I had changed the dish lnb from when I had my first 721. I used to have a legacy dual lnb and last year I changed it out for a dishpro quad. When I added my second brand new 721 it wouldn't download the initial software. The dish techs said this was a know software problem and that the dishpro quad would not work to download the initial software. I ended up sending the new one back to Dish since it had a bad tuner. I got one sent back to me with the software downloaded and ready to go.

Glad I had the extended warrenty with Dish. If you don't have it GET IT. It is essential for anyone with a dvr on their account. :yes
Stand alone Tivo. I was under the impression that was the only option(I called Tivo and they stated they do not sell a dual tuner Tivo to work with Dish).

How would I know if I has a legacy twin or dishpro twin lnb. These terms are a little new to me, sorry.

It sounds like it really doesn't matter where I buy the box because the software is downloaded upon install.

Thanks for your advice.
IF it is a Dishpro twin it will say DISHPRO , usually in a black background on the front of the lnb. If it is legacy it will say dishnetwork or legacy on the side or front of the lnb. Also a way to tell is to look at your check switch menu on your satellite receiver. IF you have to do like 32 switch checks then you have a legacy style lnb. If you do only like 2 switch checks it is dishpro.
I just spoke with Dish Network customer service about getting a 721 added to my account. First, the tech was suprised I could even find a new 721. According to him the 721 is discontinued, he admitted they did not make it, in favor of the 921. Without flat out saying it he warned me to stay away from the 721 because of the numerous calls he takes with tuner issues.

Also, he advised that I would have to get a Dish upgrade. His reasoning was technical, and I do not remember exactly what he said. But it turns out my dish is a Twin 500 and only has 2 outputs coming out of the dish. Since the 721 is a dual tuner it would need 2 inputs coming from the dish by itself, thus not leaving any other outputs for other room's receivers. He told me I could buy a dish upgrade for $130 plus shipping to convert it to a 4 output. I would then have to have some install, run the cable, and then buy the 721. Now were talking about $1000 for a PVR that allows me to watch one show and record another at the same time! Does this sound right?

My neighbor has Direct TV with Tivo and he is laughing at my troubles. My year contract is up in August, it might be cheaper to move on...........

Thanks for any advice......

It sounds like they want you to use a dishpro 34 switch to get the 4 outputs using your existing dishpro twin. If you want to use a good internet sight for your 721 use www.dishdepot.com. They will allow you to trade in your old receiver as credit toward a new 721. I have bought 2 /721s and numerous 508s from Mark at this website . Give him a call and see if you can trade in any old receivers for credit. You can also get a dishpro 34 switch and it is not that hard to install. The cables are the hardest to install unless you can crimp the cable ends and run them in to your house. You can also get a 721 on this web site at the www.Dishstore.net . They don't do trade ins, but they do sell the 721 at a lower price than dishdepot.com , and they also have the switch. I don't know where you live but there has to be some dbs install company in your are that would be willing to install the switch and the cables for you at a low price. Most service calls are like 60.00 in my area. But be prepared ,you will have to pay to upgrade the dish and buy the 721. Dish doesn't do any upgrades for the discontinued 721. Any upgrades I have made to my dish system, with the exception of the free 510 dvr , I have paid for myself.
The CSR at Dish is misinformed. The 721 is still alive. And we have been having no trouble at all getting stockin on NEW 721's.

BTW I believe DishStore will do trade ins as well, just email the store and let us know what you got and we will let you know what its worth. :)

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