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Feb 2, 2004
I'm a new DISH user (322 receiver). What's the story on the "INFO" page that keeps popping up for no reason? Is that a software problem, or is there a setting somewhere that allows me to kill that thing? Not a big deal, but annoying. Thanks.
SteveT,I have had and been using a 322 for about a month now,but never had that happen,don`t have a clue as to what that could be.I`m sure the pro`s at DISH command can help ya out...............
I seen in another thread where someone was having this issue. Not sure if you are that same person or if someone else was stating having that issue as well.
Its a menu option you can turn on or off. I believe its called "TV Enhancements". Basically, it helps Dish sell more PPVs.
SteveT as I posted in another thread if you change your remote address to something besides #1 it seems to stop the info screen from annoying us. This is just another DISH bug that dosen't exist but I got the cure from DISH.
boba -- Changed the remote address yesterday -- seems to have cured the problem. Thanks, Steve

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