KBRO-LD is going to ATSC 3.0 in 8-1-20


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Jan 23, 2005
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Just found out from AVS forum, saying KBRO-LD on rf ch. 2 is going to ATSC 3.0 on 8-1-20 in Denver's TV market.

Will run at 3 Kw ERP!:eeek:clapping:hatsoff

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Nov 1, 2005
RF-LO channel 2 at 3 Kw? Will anybody be able to actually receive that?
That will be interesting.

The time interleaving of ATSC 3.0 should overcome some of the low band noise disadvantages of 8 VSB. How much remains to be seen.

The station may also opt for more robust modulation scheme with lower bandwidth for an even further improvement. The picture quality will be fine due to the low bitrate of HEVC.


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Nov 30, 2011
Someone asked if anyone is going to be able to watch KBRO-LD with 3 kw on channel 2. Well, KQRO is running ATSC 1.0 on channel 2 with 3 kw and i receive a solid signal from it 55 miles away from the transmitter site. ATSC-3.0 is supposed to be better than ATSC 1.0, too!

You're also a professional and you own really good antennas ;)
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