Keep getting calls/emails from Dish about moving my Dish. Something about 61.5. (1 Viewer)


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Feb 7, 2008
Somewhere near here
I have been getting calls from D wanting to move my wing dish from 61.5 to 129. I explained to them that they already did this in March so I could get BBC in HD. Since then, I moved to another DMA and I just got an email saying that they want to "reconfigure your DISH antenna." Is this just another version of the phone calls? I am thinking so but I was looking for some more opinions before I "move" back for the service that I beleive that I don't need. Thanks for the input.


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Sep 8, 2003
They called me and wanted to move my dish from 61.5 to 129 and when they found out that I had Absolute, they would not do it. So I went thru the CEOdish email and they came out and moved my dish for free. Then over the next two weeks they kept calling me, sometimes thee times in one day and wanted to move me to 129. I kept telling them that they had already moved the dish, but they kept calling. After about two weeks, they must have figured it out and quit calling me.

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