Keep losing hd channels. Please help.

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Apr 14, 2014
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Hi i have a few questions if anyone can help me i appreciate it. We just had tech out about a week ago because we lost all of our channels and was told dish was out of alignment. Well today we have now lost all of our hd channels, and we called directv tell support. She told us that our weather is showing we could see a wintry mix in the next day or two, so that could be already affecting our dish and signal, and could have that problem through wednesday. The current weather was light rain at the time. My neighbor has all of her channels in. She said we could even lose all of our channels including non hd during this time through wednesday. That does seem right. Does it? Has anyone else had this problem. So she refused to send tech truck out, because of that. We have never had any issue with directv before and been with them for 5 years. The only time we ever lost signal before, was during bigger storms with thunder and lightning, and it would only go out for like 10 minutes. Can anyone help me? This is very frustrating to think we could deal with everytime it might rain. We didnt have this problem during the winter and snow. It is now 6 hours later and hd channels r still out. Can anyone please help me? I appreciate it very much it. Thank you.


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Dec 28, 2004
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Directv won't normally send a tech out during bad weather since it can affect their getting the dish properly aligned. Can you give us the signal strengths for all of your satellites?
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