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Feb 21, 2017
south jersey
I am trying to get kjwp but i think i have to much interference. i made a twin lead antenna if my math is right, the antenna is 98.46 inches long and in my attic about 22 feet off the ground. no reflector or director. i have tried aluminum screen about 40 inches back, but not covering the full length of the twin lead. that get the signal to 25%, without the screen its 5%. the percentages were taken around noon. i would like 40% for a "stable" signal. Also i have a twin lead antenna for WPVI, that is vertical and aluminum window screen as a reflector about 36 inches back, i get zero signal placed horizontal. my main question is for interference. How far can the electrical interference travel and still effect the tv signal? About 200 ft away, there is a utility pole that puts interference on AM radio across the whole band when is raining out. also i have residential power lines 30 feet from the antenna and at the same height. i have a 32 inch lcd up in the attice with me, the antenna is connected to the converter box " to get the signal meter" and then the tv. The RG6 is 25ft. cant post link to tvfool report. my zip is 08087

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