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Sep 7, 2003
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Still working on getting my system up hopefully by tomorrow..I've been wanting to ask, are there any "program packages." one can buy for free to air receivers/systems?. I know this is probably redundant but I am NOT talking Dish or Directv nor am I talking about "sneaking around" to get something I am not supposed to have..Thanks for any info..
Skyvision has packages for Cband (big dishes):

C-band Satellite Digital Programming Packages

not for sure if they sell anything for ku band or not.

And of course there are alot of free to air channels on both KU and C band but skyvision
is the only place I've seen that will sell you premium channels like Animal Planet, HBO, etc...

My favorite ku band fta channel list: http://www.ftalist.com/master.htm
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Globecast requires that you use their (crummy) receiver. Other than that service, many channels of which are free and require no subscription (97w), there's nothing out there at the moment.

A couple of years ago, there was a porn service on 127w (H1) that you could subscribe to using a receiver with a card reader, but its gone now :( ;)
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