KVH M3 working with KVH receiver only gets one channel. want to let it find and control dish and use D12-100 with destacker? will that work

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Aug 16, 2022
Morrow Ohio
My KVH M3 and 12v KVH directv receiver locks on the satelite and works great but is stuck on one channel and does not work with the 3 remotes I have or any of the 3 wireless antennas I have. My idea is to let the KVH receiver lock on the satellite signal and use maybe a destacker with some sort of hookup to let my working D12-100 from home actually supply the directv for my boat. The KVH receiver would be used just to power and lock on the satelite. Am I going to have any luck. I know I won't have hd and don't care. Thanks for any input if anyone has tried a trick like this. Whatever I do it will just be postponing the enevitable update coming soon.

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