L1.15 is now spooling!

you beat me too it, i just checked and i know 5 mins ago it wasn't on their site. quick typing :)

Bill R said:
I just got L1.15. I really like the instant weather application.

is everything that scott mentioned there? weather, triple timer conflict, record show if it's in buffer. stable?! ;)

how do you get to the weather app, is it channel 9500?

how long does it take to load?
To get the weather, go to Menu, Then Option 8 (Interactive TV) Then Option 2 (Weather)

This release has everything I mentioned in it. :)

If you have any problems let me know and I will do my best to help you out pplus I am in contact with the 721 folks at Dish as well. :)
Every thing that Scott said was going to be there is there including SuperDish support (nice going Scott and thanks to the software engineers at DISH!).

The instant weather is a selection from the menu, interactive TV , [8], weather [2].

To get the pointing information for the SuperDish on the dish pointing screen (6, 2) you choose SuperDish under "Dish System" and you MUST choose 105 or 121 i(under satellite). If you choose any other satellite (like 119 or 110) you get "N/A" for the pointing information.
Don't thank me Bill, I am just the messenger.

I thank the folks at Dish Network for letting me test and report on this new software!

I know the wait was a long one, but as I hope you will see the wait was worth it!

Many people may jokes about the Beta Program at Dish Network, but having been part of the beta team since the birth of this software I must say I was impressed how Dish ran this beta test.

My hats off to everyone at Dish Network for this fine software!

Again I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have for the last 8 months. :)
Hi Scott, Thanks for all your info while waiting for this update:)
I have noticed that the fan does not gun as much now, was this changed in this software? My other question is does this update include the hard drive inactivity shutdown that is now in the 500 series machines?
Thanks again Scott and thanks Dish Network:)
Love the weather and triple timer conflict screen, works great.
Yes it does!

To turn this feature ON or OFF go to MENU, PREFRENCES (4), Inactivity Mode (4)

From here you can enable and disable this mode. :)

So I take it that it does not have the temperature in the system info screen now as was said earlier that it would be taken out. I hope they have this available from a discrete power code in the future if this is the case.
Channel 100 is an OpenTV application, the 721 does not currently support OpenTV although I would expect that in the next version. :)

(And I hear that the beta test for that version will be a LOT shorter then the one for this version) :D
Does this fix the problem where it lists the incorrect show name when you pad more than 1 minute at the start of a timer?

The next beta version is probably going to be a bit shorter than the last one because there will not be as many features and changes made like this update we are receiving now in L1.15

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