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Nov 7, 2006
I work as a sat installer.. Today i went to a customers who lives in an apartment building... They were having reception signal.
I looked at the dish and it was unlevel... not even pointing close to the right someone had grabbed the LNB arm and mast and gave it a good tweakin.. they said it had happened about 9:30 last night when there landlord was around....HHmmm????
They explained that the landlord gets a throwback from the cable company for providing their service, and he was upset they had a dish because no money was going into his pocket, all of the other tenants were getting cable service through him essentialy.
I re-peaked their dish and got a good locked signal... i was just tighting up the last bolt when....
THE LANDLORD SHOWED UP. He asked me "who put the dish up?" I said i didn't know. He said he was goin to sue the company that put it up their.. that the tenants never had his permission, and I had two hours to take it down, or else...
I told him to look at FCC, Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. he got mad and left.. Their dish is mounted to the balcony. with 2 u bolts through the mast... there are no wall penetrations.. the wire was routed through the air conditoner... IS this guy a jerk, or what? Can the tenants take action against the landlord for damaging their equitment? comments PLEASE!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
The dish can't be mounted on the railing. He need to put it in a bucket or something so that it isn't afixed to the building in any way.
To add to Thiggin's 110% correct comments; many complexes will also require that it not overhang outside of you exclusive area even though not physically attached. I have read that they site safety and other resident's rights as reasoning; and the not allowing overhang DOES hold up as a legal reason for them to deny.
You ought to go around the complex and put flyers on the doors of everyone there, explaining to them that fta is the way to go since they all would be saving lots of money as oppossed to going the cable route.

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