Lease a 942 ? Existing Sub

942 needs two lines from dish and one from OTA, if you can get OTA.

Dish does not have HD locals yet. They have a HD package and VOOM package and CBS-HD (16 channels altogether without premiums). Excellent HD picture quality with 942; SD PQ is also outstanding.

You will need a dish pointed at 61.5.

They came and replaced my 811 with a 942, then I moved my old 510 upstairs. I now have one SD-DVR and one HD-DVR with two TVs, one TV is SD and one is HD.

ONE NOTE: Dish incorrectly logged the ID number from my 924 -- off by one digit. This caused me to have all my stations in red and it took the support people a couple of hours to realize the unusual problem. One I gave them the correct number for my 942 unit, all was well.

Dish and Direct will likely both roll out HD locals at some point over the next 4 to 9 months. 11 more VOOM channels are coming to Dish in January. All this depends on them getting their bandwidth act together (I feel confident they will).

Over the next 12 months, HD will go from an "upscale" service to a "mainstream" service. By this time next year we all should be in "HD Fat City".

Life is good.
811 for a 942?

David Dietzel said:
They came and replaced my 811 with a 942, then I moved my old 510 upstairs. I now have one SD-DVR and one HD-DVR with two TVs, one TV is SD and one is HD.

You say they replaced your 811 with a 942...Were you leasing the 811 and then changed to leasing the 942? How exactly did that work if you don't mind me asking?

I finally caught a call from Judd from the E* "executive offices". He said he was calling because of the nice email I sent asking for a 942 lease as an existing sub. He said E* will be making an announcement in ~2 weeks about 942's to existing subs. He couldn't say if it would be a lease offer, a reduced purchase price or free programming with a lease purchase. Anybody heard anything?
my 942 experience -any suggestions

long -term cust around 100 mth.I tried to get it yesterday. The executive office said if I could get the account # or telephone # of a person that got this deal he could work with me. He assured me that he hasn't done this. I wouldn't ask anyone for this so I emailed the ceo and this was their response.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. DISH Network is proud to announce the release of the new DISH Player-DVR 942. The DISH Player-DVR 942 is

available to new customers exclusively through our Digital Home Advantage promotion for an additional lease upgrade fee of $250.

Existing customers who desire to purchase the DISH Player-DVR 942 will be required to contact a retailer in their area for availability and

Price. However come mid July we are releasing a new promotion for our existing customers. We do appreciate your business and I understand that you have been a very great and loyal customer to dish network. These decisions are made from company policies and I can not quote the price these receivers will be due to the fact they can change. Please feel free to contact us a few weeks and we will let you know what we can offer you.

Thanks again

Matt Kliewer

Executive Office of Dish Network

-I was told today that the offer starts july 14 and that you pay full price for a 942 with free install so that does alot of good. I would rather lease.
Yup, just got an email from the same guy today.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. The 942 receiver is unfortunately not available for lease at this point. We are going to be releasing a promotion for existing customers to purchase the receiver in mid July. I understand you have been a very loyal customer and we really appreciate it. Dish Network is always coming out with new promotions so we can try to satisfy every customer. I suggest you should wait to see until the promotion is released before you decide to purchase it. Thank you for your time.

Matt Kliewer
Executive Office of Dish Network
Hmmm. Promising. Very. Maybe "come mid-July" the 942 will lose a couple hundred dollars in price? Maybe it could lose almost as much in a lease deal? Or maybe they can offer 'officially' the same exact $250 lease deal for new customers that many existing customers have already gotten. Sigh, a week or two will tell the difference. I know theoretically (and practically) that E* will have the 411 available when MPEG4 rolls out, but are there any rumors about one- or two-tuner DVR's that will be available at the same time, since all MPEG4 receivers will have HD?

I essentially pleaded and begged and groveled and kissed ever butt check I could to ask Dish to offer me a lease on a 942. I also explained that my local installers were members of the Russian Mafia and wanted $1,200 to buy and install a 942 -- which was true and I gave them the names of the outfits. In addition, I explained the incentives my local cable company was offering.

Dish mailed me a 942 that arrived in six days and established a lease. The installer screwed up the receiver ID number with Dish HQ, so I came home after Batman Begins to see nothing but red channels and NASA. One digit off is all it took.

They are to send me a box to return my 811 (which I only had for a month).

We moved my 510 SD-DVR upstairs and mothballed our 5-year-old basic box.

The 942 PQ is superior to that of the 811 -- both for SD and HD.

I love the 942 -- watching HD X-Files reruns when I wish is just great.
David Dietzel said:
I really don't think that giving out her or anyone's direct phone number from a personal email is ever appropriate.

That is always a nono! Would you want to be pestered all day?

What Happened to Amanda Wood Anyways. She was working with me on my Dish 322 Issues. She almost had all the problems put to bed, and then all the sudden she disspeared.

I sure hope she did not get let go.. She was really personable and actually willing to help you.

Someone else took over.. I forgot his name it started with a "J" I beleive. It was not a common name. He basically told me that these are known problems, and that there is nothing that dish can do.

Dishdave:$249.00 To lease there equip. Have nothing to show in the end. Seems like alot of $$$$

Dishdave, you should contact DISH if you neverf got your 942.

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