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Nov 16, 2003
:evil: What is your opinion of Charlie's latest "poker strategy" at threatening last night to turn off all the Turners? I mean really, what would Dish's lineup look like without Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN, TNT, TBS, etc. I know people say this is all part of his strategy to get the deal he wants, but this one is HUGE. I am concerned that it may be more of a possibility than we may be led to believe for the mere fact that he mentioned it on the Chat. We aren't talking 1 channel here...we are talking about a whole block of programming. Do you think it could happen?
nope. wont happen

Charlie will come back next chat and say "we reached an agreement with Turner networks. Unfortunatelly, we have to raise your rates by a buck starting Feb 1"

oh...and there still isnt anything good on hd that would make me add more hd.
yeah dont know about the rest of you but there not worth it CNN horrible and TCM isnt a huge deal for me
While I could care less if CNN disappeared today, I will be devastated if Boomerang goes away. I hate all the new "kids" cartoons that are out today. I've enjoyed giving my children an education on what "real" cartoons are: Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes/Flintstones/Jetsons/ Tom&Jerry. Those were the good ones, and can be seen all the time on Boomerang. What a shame it would be to lose it...

Sometimes I'm amazed that these types of channels don't pay DISH to be carried by their satellites. How much more valuable is the advertising that CNN, Boomerang, etc. sells for company A when Dish can put it in front of potentially 10 million homes?
I really think there is something to them getting pulled or a amazingly high amount of money they are wanting paid, look at the amount of time and talk that they spent on that subject last night and the fact charlie kept saying "if ted was still there" i think there is more to it than people that voted on the pole think

our local papers still have one page complete ad's for cox cable's problems with espn i think you will see a major network system or too actually dropped for a while to get the companies to wake up

the dbs industry could really get a great hold on there programmin money if one of them would "ball up" to these companies

then again it's just my opinion
I think this is yet another move by Echostar to use the customer base as pawns for negotiating contract renewal. Expect to see " Contact Turner at 1-800-xxx-xxxx to complain".
Remember the ABC Family fiasco?
I think there is a good chance that these channels will be terminated for a few days before an agreement is reached. And this is fine with me. I think programming costs would be less now if cable companies would have done a better job years ago to keep prices down instead of passing them to the customers.

I agree with Charlie in that there is no good reason to pay more for CNN when it's ratings have fallen off. I think E* should put The Fox News Channel in the Top 50 and move CNN to the Top 100. That would but less of a burden on keeping CNN at a higher price since there would be less subscribers.

There is one negative to taking these channels off. People like my mother who is 68 years old would not understand why Larry King Live is not on. So E* should educate all subscribers very soon with a letter or at least an "info channel" if they seriously think they will need to take these channels off for a period of time.
I also think the way he listed all of the channels that have duplicate programming to other channels was really alarming. They've never done that before.
I don't care about any of the channels except for Boomerang. Just call me a 48 year old kid who loves the old cartoons.
I think its all part of the master plan to turn Dish Network into a locals only delivery company.
TimR21 said:
I've enjoyed giving my children an education on what "real" cartoons are: Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes/Flintstones/Jetsons/ Tom&Jerry. Those were the good ones, and can be seen all the time on Boomerang. What a shame it would be to lose it...
Does Boomerang ever run Mighty Mouse (the old ones), Woody Woodpecker or (gosh!) Heckle & Jeckle?
Me and a number of others watch CNN Headline news a bit to get the headlines, as well ast TnT and TBS. I like TBS for the Braves games. Who is going to be responsible for the chargebacks retailers will get if the channels get dropped being the cause? The customers were presented a system with what they thought would be the channel lineup during their contract and the customers will say that since Dish dropped channels that it was not the service they signed up for and that the contract has no merit.

New customers may choose to stick to cable or go with DirecTv unless Dish chooses to drop the rates accordingly seeing they would have less money in programming. The rates should drop if this happens, maybe as much as $3-$5 per package until the channels come back or there should be some aweful darn good channels to replace them with.

I personally think this is just another tactic for Dish to both get a better deal for those channels and for an excuse for another programming hike. A lot of people know another programming hike is coming, expect it every year for now on is what Charlie says after the merger was not approved. I expect AT100 to be $35 and AT150 to be $45 sometime around the third or fourth month of 2004. AT50 stays at $25 until 2005 with their price guarantee. Those that have AT100 and AT150 will have the absorb the cost for that AT50 subscribers.

I think Charlie wants to keep at package at $25 for consumers. A low entry package is their advantage to cable. For $30 to be able to get that and locals is cheaper than most cable companies around here. Charter wants $19 just for basic cable that has the locals then extended basic is another $23. Thats $42 for the cheapest package including locals to get some of the channels that you can get for $30 on Dish. You have to pay the $19 for the local basic package in order to subscribe to the extended basic. Any other channels in addition to that requires the digital box at $4 each for rental. They do have a deal in the low $50's that includes one receiver and a tier in which can be a ShowTime movie package or a package similar to AT150 only they have channels that Dish has plus some that they dont. If Dish raises prices much more their edge over the cable companies will dwindle.
Why is a negotiation for keeping channels priced reasonably always Dish's fault? I don't get it. Charlie as I see it, tries to get a reasonable deal, and quite a few seem to moan that its all Dish's fault or its an excuse to raise rates.. Somehow I think that Turner has a say in this, after all they are the content provider in this case.

Yes its a two way street, but somehow it seems to me the provider has the upper hand, they don't have to deal with whiny customers saying, I'm going to x,y,z service if you don't carry x,y,z channels. However I am sure advertisers would be miffed if somehow 8 million supposed eyes would never again see their ads..

And rates will go up eventually, as sure as the sun will shine tomorrow (somewhere on the planet) its a fact of life, get over it. Just be glad they don't go up as often and as much as cable.

If your tired of paying for TV, toss your OTA antenna up and watch the networks.. Because content for some reason just isn't free.

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