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Aug 8, 2012
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Hey all,

I'm finally looking at replacing my x2 Premium Mini with a more reliable box that won't crash and reboot so often. I've got a pile of points on my credit card, so I figured I'd cash them in and get a 9000i Local. Before I take the plunge...

-How is the clock accuracy? Does it lose time, run fast, update via internet? I read a review on another site (from over a year ago) that it loses time slowly. I plan on using it for both FTA and OTA recording to an external drive, so if need be I can just fix the time every few days, but it'd be nice if a firmware update took care of that issue.

-I read that the 9000i is SLOW for blind scanning. If so I'll still have the x2 connected through the loop out. I understand that if the 9000i is turned off the x2 should be able to control the polarity, but would it also be able to control a 4x1 switch or be stuck on port 1?

-How easy is it to schedule recordings? Supposedly it can receive the OTA program guide if it's broadcast by the station. Can I simply tell it to record all of a series (say, Late Show), or would I have to tell it to record channel 5.1 every day from 10:35pm to 11:35pm every night?

-Has anyone tried the antenna out connection?


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Jun 10, 2015
I have the 9000i standard. NOT Local.
I can't address the clock accuracy question since I turn of the power strip to the whole system when not watching. I never bother setting the clock.

I don't schedule recordings either.The few manual recordings I made were all fine though.

The blind scan is only a bit slow. Updates have improved the speed since it was first introduced. It is not slow enough now to be a negative factor when considering for purchase IMHO.
Blind scan is VERY thorough... finding almost everything.

It receives OTA program guide where available.The problem is that few North American channels provide a guide. regardless of receiver brand.

Someone else can answer the other questions.All I can say is: For just watching FTA 'Live' as I do, it is probably the best FTA receiver available. It has a few quirks but nothing major.

I did a half-decent review here:


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Nov 9, 2009
i have the 9000i (non local) and am very happy with it, pic quality is awesome,

i have never had any issues with the clock, mine stays accurate and programs itself automatically after i selected my time zone,

blind scan is slower then most, but not so slow as in go make a sandwich and drink a beer slow,

blind scan is very accurate and i don't think mine has ever missed anything, i compare what it finds to online transponders and channel listings,

i have never used it for OTA or recording so i cant comment there,

what you are describing by using the loop out should work, as long as the 9000i is turned off when using the other receiver,

it also has some nice apps, like youtube, and some games on it


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Jul 26, 2009
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I have the 9000i Local. I have a wifi antenna plugged into the front so it is on my home network. When the clock shows the wrong time, I press time on the remote. It takes me to another screen. I then press the red button and it syncs the time. The main problem that I notice is that on some satellites it reverts back to the wrong time after I leave the sync screen. It is usually 30 minutes fast or 30 minutes slow.
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