List of HD Local Markets NOT Available on Dish Network (1 Viewer)

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Nov 9, 2007
great list.. Its been almost a year now that D* has had Tucson in HD.. Still no E* here.. Wonder why.
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Mar 3, 2007
Nacogdoches, Tx
"DMA #110: Tyler / Longview / Lufkin / Nacadoches, TX"

Wish we'd get it in hi def, I could "move" back home.
Btw, it's Nacogdoches, but pronounced like you spelled it!
Tks for the list


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Feb 14, 2004
Germantown OH
most unserved state is NY, I believe
no SD or HD locals

DMA #157: Binghamton, NY

DMA #169: Utica, NY

DMA #175: Elmira / Corning, NY*the entire state of PA. is covered except for 1 county in Elmira mkt.*

DMA #177: Watertown, NY
Not sure what your definition of "most unserved" is, but look at Ohio instead:

DMA #32: Columbus, OH
DMA #34: Cincinnati
DMA #64: Dayton, OH
DMA #73: Toledo, OH
DMA #109: Youngstown, OH

Seems to me that given those cities substantially higher DMA ranking, yet lack of HD-local carriage, Ohio is getting the shaft a bit more than NY state.


New Member
Mar 13, 2006
Sad situation for Salisbury, I agree.

most unserved state is NY, I believe
no SD or HD locals

DMA #157: Binghamton, NY

DMA #169: Utica, NY

DMA #175: Elmira / Corning, NY*the entire state of PA. is covered except for 1 county in Elmira mkt.*

DMA #177: Watertown, NY

Yes DMA #175 - Tioga County PA is serves out of this and we can't get any locals and antennas don't work because of the hilly terrain.


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Dec 4, 2005
Temperanceville, VA
DMA #144: Salisbury, MD

Poor little area in the North east United States along the Atlantic Ocean. If it wasn't for my creative work, I would not have the big Four stations. :O(

Yeah, & WBOC has issues w/ remembering to "flip the HD button". Too many Sunday's I've had to call from VA because they were sending out the SD of "Cold Case", IMO, they're not ready for distribution :)

Quite a few times on other nights as well, but Sunday's crew forgets more than the rest... At least since "60 Minutes" has gone HD, they don't get as lazy on the switch. It used to be once the football was over, they never switched for "60" and "the Amazing Race" & forget when "Cold Case" came on...


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Oct 13, 2003
Jacksonville, FL, Earth
Thank you guys for this thread. It helped me understand why I was not getting my HD locals off Dish. Not that it matters because I live 4 miles from the tower and get excellent signal off the local tuner.

I heard on CC Monday evening that Jacksonville has now joined the ranks of HD locals but yet I could find nowhere in my guide that it was available. The list and links here explained it all. Seems I would need to add a 4th dish to my system to get HD locals. Thanks but no thanks because Dish isn't uploading all the HD channels I get here via Off air anyway. Only 2 channels out of 8 are available via Dish.

Correct me if I am wrong on this but I would assume the only advantage would be to get the HD locals via dish is that they would be in MP4 and as such would require less space on the DVR. For now I'll continue to get my locals via Off air.

Additionally, no station locally is offering DD5.1 yet 3 network stations boldly false advertise they are "dolby digital 5.1 surround sound." I questioned one station about this and just said "nobody knows the difference anyway." That's the kind of hillbilly thinking our locals are known for. That is the reason local TV broadcast is going to eventually die.
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Sep 7, 2005
So I guess I probably shouldn't hold my breath for "Cheyenne, WY / Scottsbluff, NE" HD locals, right? Since it's #198 on the list.... :( Is there any hope, or probably not?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 22, 2006
Spirit Lake, Iowa
DMA #113: Sioux Falls / Mitchell, ID

DMA #149: Sioux City, IA

FYI, that should be Mitchell, SD

I live in the Sioux CITY DMA here in Spirit Lake, Ia (51360) I was told that both Sioux Falls and Sioux City will be going live on D* in HD in EARLY 2009, they don't even offer those channels in SD as of now, where E* does offer them in SD.
What are the chances of E* adding these to their HD Locals?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 31, 2004
Saint Marys, Ohio
Hey everybody. Here is an updated list that includes the many uplinked markets and some other small fixes.

Local Markets Uplinked

DMA #25: Indianapolis, IN
DMA #32: Columbus, OH
DMA #67: Roanoke / Lynchburg, VA
DMA #74: Springfield, MO
DMA #83: Champaign / Springfield / Decatur, IL
DMA #91: Colorado Springs / Pueblo, CO
DMA #92: Bristol, VA & Kingsport / Johnson City, TN
DMA #96: Savannah, GA
DMA #98: El Paso, TX
DMA #105: Tallahassee, FL
DMA #116: Peoria / Bloomington, IL
DMA #120: Fargo / Valley City, ND
DMA #123: Lafayette, LA
DMA #124: Monterey / Salinas, CA
DMA #125: Bakersfield, CA
DMA #142: Palm Springs, CA
DMA #147: Albany, GA
DMA #161: Sherman, TX / Ada, OK
DMA #166: Missoula, MT

Local Markets NOT Available By DMA Rank

DMA #42: Las Vegas, NV (Early 2009)
DMA #53: New Orleans, LA (Early 2009)
DMA #55: Fresno / Visalia, CA
DMA #64: Dayton, OH
DMA #68: Tucson, AZ
DMA #69: Wichita / Hutchinson, KS
DMA #73: Toledo, OH
DMA #78: Paducah / Cape Girardeau, KY (Early 2009)
DMA #80: Rochester, NY
DMA #84: Shreveport / Bossier City, LA
DMA #87: Harlingen / Brownsville / McAllen, TX
DMA #88: Cedar Rapids / Waterloo / Iowa City, IA
DMA #95: Baton Rouge, LA
DMA #97: Davenport / Moline, IA (Coming Soon)
DMA #99: Charleston, SC
DMA #100: Ft. Smith / Fayetteville / Springdale, AR
DMA #101: Johnstown / Altoona, PA
DMA #102: Evansville, IN
DMA #107: Fort Wayne, IN
DMA #108: Reno, NV
DMA #109: Youngstown, OH
DMA #110: Tyler / Longview / Lufkin / Nacagdoches, TX
DMA #111: Springfield / Holyoke, MA
DMA #112: Boise, ID
DMA #113: Sioux Falls / Mitchell, SD
DMA #115: Augusta, GA
DMA #117: Traverse City / Cadillac, MI
DMA #118: Montgomery / Selma, AL
DMA #119: Eugene, OR
DMA #121: Santa Barbara, CA
DMA #122: Macon, GA
DMA #126: Yakima / Pasco / Richland, WA
DMA #127: La Crosse / Eau Claire, WI
DMA #128: Columbus, GA
DMA #129: Corpus Christi, TX
DMA #130: Chico / Redding, CA
DMA #131: Amarillo, TX
DMA #132: Rockford, IL
DMA #133: Columbus / Tupelo / West Point, MS
DMA #134: Wilmington, NC
DMA #135: Wausau / Rhinelander, WI
DMA #136: Monroe, LA & El Dorado, AR
DMA #139: Duluth / Superior, MN
DMA #140: Medford / Klamath Falls, OR
DMA #143: Lubbock, TX
DMA #144: Salisbury, MD
DMA #146: Erie, PA
DMA #149: Sioux City, IA
DMA #151: Panama City, FL
DMA #152: Terre Haute, IN
DMA #153: Bangor, ME
DMA #154: Rochester / Austin, MN & Mason City, IA
DMA #155: Bluefield / Beckley / Oak Hill, WV
DMA #156: Odessa / Midland, TX
DMA #157: Binghamton, NY
DMA #158: Bismarck / Minot / Dickenson, ND
DMA #159: Wheeling, WV / Steubenville, OH
DMA #160: Gainesville / Ocala, FL
DMA #162: Idaho Falls / Pocatello, ID
DMA #163: Biloxi / Gulfport, MS
DMA #164: Yuma, AZ / El Centro, CA
DMA #167: Hattiesburg / Laurel, MS
DMA #168: Clarksburg / Weston, WV
DMA #169: Utica, NY
DMA #170: Billings, MT
DMA #172: Dothan, AL
DMA #173: Jackson, TN
DMA #174: Rapid City, SD
DMA #175: Elmira / Corning, NY
DMA #176: Lake Charles, LA
DMA #177: Watertown, NY
DMA #178: Harrisonburg, VA
DMA #179: Alexandria, LA
DMA #180: Marquette, MI
DMA #181: Jonesboro, AR
DMA #182: Bowling Green, KY
DMA #183: Charlottesville, VA
DMA #184: Grand Junction / Montrose, CO
DMA #185: Meridian, MS
DMA #186: Lima, OH
DMA #187: Greenwood / Greenville, MS
DMA #188: Laredo, TX
DMA #189: Lafayette, IN
DMA #190: Butte / Bozeman, MT
DMA #191: Great Falls, MT
DMA #192: Bend, OR
DMA #193: Parkersburg, WV
DMA #194: Twin Falls, ID
DMA #195: Eureka, CA
DMA #196: San Angelo, TX
DMA #197: Casper / Riverton, WY
DMA #198: Cheyenne, WY / Scottsbluff, NE
DMA #199: Mankato, MN
DMA #200: Ottumwa, IA / Kirksville, MO
DMA #201: St. Joseph, MO
DMA #202: Fairbanks, AK
DMA #203: Zanesville, OH
DMA #204: Presque Isle, ME
DMA #205: Victoria, TX
DMA #206: Helena, MT
DMA #207: Juneau, AK
DMA #208: Alpena, MI
DMA #209: North Platte, NE
DMA #210: Glendive, MT

Anybody wanting a local channel list next to each market will not get it. Tony's Dish User web page will tell you everything you want to know about what's available currently and what's currently uplinked. I just don't have enough time to do that, and I think there are plenty of other resources out there for that information. Just look up (for example) DMA Salisbury or DMA Victoria on Google, and that was the easiest way for me to get relevant results.
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