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Jul 16, 2004
I'm looking for technical information on the types of LNB used for the following systems, and despite my efforts, I have failed. Can someone please help? :confused:

I would like to know: LNB Frequenices (input/output), polarity type and polarity switching type (volts/tone) for the following:

DirecTV Latin America

Thanks in advance
The D* and E* LNBs down convert 12.2-12.7GHz from the bird to 950-1450Mhz and 1550-2150Mhz (the latter specifically to the Dish500) at the dish. Polarity is either right-hand circular or left hand circular controlled by the IRD. This is done by placing either +13 or +17 volts on the line from the IRD to the LNB. In the case of D*'s Para Todos (18x24 - separate multi-switch) or PhaseIII dish (18x20 - integrated multi-switch), the multi-switch which has the ability to place a 22Khz tone on the line, in addition to voltage, to switch between multiple satellite locations (SatA 101, SatB 119 or SatC 110).

Not familiar with D* Latin America, but if it is a DTH DBS signal, the properties would be the same.
Thanks for great info CablerMN. I'm confused by "12.2-12.7GHz from the bird to 950-1450Mhz and 1550-2150Mhz".
How does it down convert to both ranges?
Does the LNB down convert both requencies at the same time or is it switched somehow?

BTW, I found (finally!) this information on D* Latin America:
11.45 to 12.2 GHz down converted to 950 to 1700 MHz h/v polarity
Something else I was wondering...

If I take a h/v polarity LNB and rotate it 45° will it operate correctly as a circular polarity LNB?

Likewise, if I take a circular polarity LNB and rotate it 45° will it operate as a h/v polarity LNB?

Thanks :)
No and No.

In most situations, one LNB cannot be switched for the other. However, I have seen some hobbyists do some really neat things with stuff that isn't designed to work the way it did. I think PSB had some links to those types of things. Pete, please feel free to chime in!

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