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Dec 12, 2003
Erie, PA
I just moved to NW Pennsylvania from the Charlotte, NC area. I brought my dish setup with me and have installed it at my new residence. I have all of the programming I had in NC except the Charlotte locals. I have not called Directv and told them I moved.....so shouldn't the Charlotte locals still come in on my dish. The channel banners are there but no picture....says "not available in your area". Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Tac,

The way that Dish and DirecTV are able to get as many cities' locals up as they have is by using "Spot Beam" satellites. What this means is that the transponder that carries the Charlotte locals only transmits in a tight ring around Charlotte. This way they can use the same frequencies to transmit the Pittsburgh locals in another tight ring around the Pittsburgh area. Then reuse the same frequency in the midwest for, say. Kansas City, and again for San Francisco.

If they didn't do this, they could only carry one city get it nationwide. A little oversimplified, but that's the reason.

Check out Rabbi Bryant's spot beam maps here:

See ya

So to get the Charlotte locals I would still need to be inside of that circle for that spot beam, correct.
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