Murdoch could speed DVR adoption -- Motorola exec

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NEW YORK, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Media maverick Rupert Murdoch (News) could help speed the adoption of digital video recorders after his News Corp Ltd.(Australia:NCP.AX - News) gains control of satellite provider DirecTV, a Motorola Inc.(NYSE:MOT - News) executive said on Tuesday.
Currently, DirecTV offers a subscription DVR service by TiVo Inc._(NasdaqNM:TIVO - News), which requires users to pay up-front for the set-top box, as well as pay a monthly fee. Industry analysts have suggested Murdoch can afford to cut prices on the boxes, or simply give them away.

If D* were to start giving away Tivos that might be enough for me to say "adios" to Dish. I still don't have a PVR of any kind but it looks like that is the one I want. My sister can't stop telling me how great it is. She says it has made her a better parent because she can now pause a program to take care of her childrens' needs. I'm glad she's my sister and not my mother! ;)
I dont' read it this way. I read it as dropping TiVo and putting a crappy DVR in its place.
I kind of agree with James on this one. Why would a Motorola exec care what D* does with their boxes unless Motorola wanted to get a piece of the pie? I don't necessarily see Tivo being dropped. I think a Tivo box will be D* version of a premium DVR while Motorola or some other company will make a cheaper no frills DVR.
I have always wanted Dish to offer regular Dish DVR's for no monthly DVR fee, and offer customers to upgrade to Dish DVR+ Service powered by Tivo for a monthly charge.

That would be the best of both worlds.
That is what I have been wanting too, Scott. I think then Dish could justify the dvr fees if they had Tivo like Software. Then I would be happy as a clam. They could even offer upgrades to the Tivo like software for the older receivers(508/501/721) and then they could even start a fee for these receivers too. Then if they would just charge the dvr fee per household account then everyone would be happy.
Well maybe Dish will do something like this because I see nothing in Murdochs past that leads me to believe he'll keep TiVo for any longer than he has too.
Only if Charlie would buy the Tivo company so he could still charge the fee to the customers and still keep all the profits. Really not a bad idea. Now if he would buy Voom sat for all Dish's future hd we would be all set.

Doesn't Dish still have a lot of money left over from the failed merger and buyout attempts?
Dish is not going to just sit there and let their customers or potential customers go to DirecTv because of a DVR swapout. All DVR fees would have to go away or they would have to increase functionality of the DVR's to have an optional DVR fee.
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