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May 17, 2004
So...I finally broke down and changed my locals on my account to San Francisco. I full-time in a motor home. I started in Seattle and had no problem with PTAT and the locals channel guide. On my way to SF, I changed locals once in northern California for one night and really didn't pay much attention to the guide.

I got to San Fransisco yesterday and changed my locals. The new channels showed up in the guide and showed the correct network affiliation. For the current time and the next half-hour, it shows what is actually on and what will be on in 30 minutes. Once past that, it is still showing the guide for the Seattle locals.

For example, in SF, the ABC affiliate is channel 7. According to the guide, at 6:00 PM is ABC World News. At 6:30 PM is ABC local news. At 7:00 PM is CBS Evening News. Currently the Steelers are playing the Colts now on channel 11 (NBC) and will be on channel 5 (CBS) at 7:00 PM.

I just spent a painful 40 minutes on the phone with Dish Tech support trying repeatedly a few things that I assume were to force a guide download, none of which worked. We have been here overnight, so I assume the guide was downloaded last night, so I'm not sure that's the fix either.

Are there any other RVers out there that have seen this (or anyone else for that matter)? How did you fix it?

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