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Jan 31, 2009
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Depends on what your primary interest is in programming. IMO, DTV still is the leader in overall sports programming choices, regardless of the "Vs" issue ("Versus" channel not available on DTV. It is on most other providers).

If your interest is mainly in premium movie channels, my take on it from reading the Bd here is that DTV is not going to be your best choice for that genre of programming. My post is based on just the total # of available movie channel choices, and not necessarily the quality of the (HD) feeds.

What probably needs to be considered is the delivery of HD broadcasts overall in addition to looking at the total # of HD channels available. I'm assuming that you're interested in the HD side of things and not only SD feeds.

The other guys here have a lot more detailed info on satt provider comparisons than I. I've never considered switching providers since I know that they don't offer certain sports packages that are available on DTV.

As for price, I've always had the perception that DTV is not going to be the lowest-cost satt provider but I guess that depends on what your programming interests are going to be before deciding on a provider.


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He would appear to be trolling. His only other post, of FOUR, claims he would never go to Directv.
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