Looking to give yourself a good gift?

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Looking for a gift to give yourself this year?

I would suggest if your a HDTV owners to get yourself the gift of a calibration.

Now you may have heard of ISF Calibration, however I highly recommend the Services og Gregg Loewen, he provides ISF serive plus.

With most ISF services they come to your house hook a light meter up to your set, make some adjustments to your brightness and contrast and then leave. Now with Gregg's world class service.

I had my Toshiba HDTV done by Gregg and was amazed in the difference in picture quality when he was done! The restacking of the screen made the money paid worth it just by itself! Now we can watch out TV with the lights on or off, and no more glare!

When Gregg left even the Standard Definition Channels off of satellite looked better!

I thought my HD picture was very good until I saw what Gregg did with it, now its really like looking out a window. And I thought I did a good job calibrating it myself with AVIA and Video Essentials. :)

You can read my origional review of Greggs service on my set at http://www.geocities.com/scottct1/isf.html


I know a few forum members who have had Gregg work on their TVs and were also very happy with his work.

I am not being paid by Gregg for saying this, or posting this or his graphic, I just believe I have found the best calibrationist in the United States and want other to know about the great service he offers. If you have a HDTV and want the best picture possible, you owe it to yourself to give Gregg a try!

Gregg has a website at http://www.lionav.com

Happy Holidays All.