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Nov 1, 2004
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Back in November 2007 I had moved so I canceled my account. I had two DVRs and my Internet Modem. In December 2007 I received boxes to return them and shipped them out. Since then about every two months I started receiving collections notices that I had an oustanding balance of $2000 for unreturned equipment.

I kept telling them that I returned the equipment and they kept pushing the "we will update the account, just wait a few weeks for it to update". Finally in November 2009 I spoke to someone and they informed me that my equipment is in use by another customer, so it has to have been returned (in the billing person's words). They told me to check back in 2 weeks to make sure everything was updated. I called back in early December and it still showed I had the outstanding balance due, they promised to resolve this once again.

Yesterday I went to purchase a car but was declined because I have a collections issue on my credit so I knew it was good ole verizon again. I called today and they still have me listed as oweing $2000 for this equipment. Now since the account is so old, nobody can pull up my information so I have been bounced around all morning to get ahold of someone. I doubt this will ever be resolved but I think I will resort to paying the entire payment due if it will resolve this - but I don't think they will do much for my credit.

My reason for posting is, is there anyone in Verizon I can contact to get something done about this before coughing up the money? I run the IT department for my company in a few different states and each one has Verizon service for fiber and voice. Is it worth complaining into those departments to try and get this resolved?


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Sep 29, 2005
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Might try going the corporate route:

CEO: Ivan G. Seidenberg
Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-395-2121
Email: ivan.g.seidenberg@verizon.com

Found this doing a quick search for Verizon & Office of the President. Good luck & hope your issue is resolved!
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Apr 17, 2009
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I know this doesnt help now but it goes to show when you ship back any receivers for any providers ALWAYS keep the tracking number(s). I wish you luck, you should not have to eat a $2,000.00 bill thats just wrong.


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Mar 24, 2004
Don't you have a walk in center by you, it is the best way because they will give you a recipt, that is the only way i will do it and have done it with Cablevision and Verizon Fios, sorry to hear your problems.


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Jul 17, 2005
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Yes go get a receipt and get with the credit agencies and have it removed from your credit. If you can prove the debt is not valid, they should remove it from your credit report.


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Dec 23, 2009
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Don't pay them, just sue them, as you said another customer is using them so you returned them, sue them for double to cover your court costs and the fact you could not buy your car because of their mistake. Just threating to sue next time you talk to them could light a fire under their a$$. File a complaint with the credit bureau agencies it shows up on as well, that will be the quickest way to get a response, I think its 30 days. Also file a complaint with the BBB, you might get it fixed without going to court, this is usually the first step people take before they do sue, I have used it several times to get problems resolved with companies. Another option is also to file a complaint with your state AG.


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Dec 6, 2007
Also file a complaint with the Public Service Commission (PSC) that always lights a fire under their asses


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Contact your credit agencies and get a debt validation letter. This forces Verizon to prove you owe this debt. If they come back saying you do owe it you can at this point file charges which would allow you to access the records showing these boxes are on another customers account proving you sent them back. This also creates an act of negligence on the part of Verizon as they were informed of the error and refused to make any good faith effort trying to fix the mistake.

Whatever you do never and I mean never attempt to pay any debt you don't owe. Even telling Verizon I'm going to pay it will bind a legal debt that you confirmed to pay. At this point you cannot back out of paying it without going to court and proving you don't owe the debt. Trust me proving you don't owe a debt is far harder compared to the company proving you do owe a debt. The burden of proof is on their shoulders and not yours. You also have real damages and I'd strongly suggest consulting with a couple of lawyers. If what you have said is true your case is so open and shut I'm sure most lawyers would take this without you shelling out money. With negligence involved along with being denied for a car loan you might get a really good judgement or settlement out of this.

Again I cannot stress just how critical it is that you never, ever, ever "ATTEMPT" to pay any part of this debt for any reason. Also get a lawyer sooner rather than later. Even if Verizon caves in I'd still sue them because this tends to be the only way companies these days get the message to stop this illegal bull crap. Oh and yes what they are doing is indeed illegal make no mistake about it. Your only doing what you have a legal right to do and that is make them follow the laws of this country. Its as simple as that, nothing less and nothing more.

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