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Feb 28, 2010
I just canceled my service with brighthouse because of their dismal custumer service. The "tech" who came out to pick up our equipment called my wife names that I can"t put here ( the "C" word and a wh...) then threatened me and tryed to call me out to fight! If you subscribe to brighthouse and a tech driving a burnt orange truck shows up, be forwarned. This clown ran around my house peering into my windows taunting my wife and myself. I can't tell you his name or even his ID# because he snachted the reciept from my wife's hand. So far, nobody has called us back from either customer support or the gm's office. I'm filing a restraining order agaisnt the entire company and contacting a laywer first thing monday!
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Sep 13, 2005
daytona beach
are you sure it was a bhn tech? burnt orange truck tells me he was either a sub contractor (or i guess it could have been his private vehicle) or possibly an imposter. did he show his credentials like he is suppose to?
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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
...a tech driving a burnt orange truck shows up, be forwarned.
If this individual did the things you mentioned to my wife, his work vehicle would have his coffin after I pulled-out my .45 and took a flame-thrower to his truck - burnt orange indeed. ;)

Offhand, I cannot imagine any sane individual acting in such as manner. What were the events leading up this incident? Regardless, contacting BHC and reporting this incident to the police is warranted based on your statements.

Additionally, it's not that I don't believe your story, but it's difficult to accept this whacky story without further information. After all, first time posters don't have a lot of credibility and it wouldn't be the first time people have fabricated stories on the Internet.

My "crap detector" is at half-mast.


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This does sound fishy to me. Oh and on the PPV thing I did have that happen once in which I was billed 4.99 for a PPV movie. I called them and they said one of my boxes did indeed order it and that somebody else must have ordered it. So I took a video camera and showed all three boxes and went into the menu that shows PPV history which said "Never" on all boxes.

After this they looked into it and somehow one of the older boxes I swapped out a while ago was still linked to my account using a promo code at least that is what they said. I've never ordered PPV in my entire life and it amazes me that they think I would start now and worst of all order a chick flick. Um not a chance in this world. They did fix it but just saying it can happen because I've seen it happen with my own eyes.

Now this does sound like a Knight contractor (based on personal truck) and while I've had service issues them them I've never had a tech from Knight who was even disrespectful so I'm not sure if I believe this. I've read about techs killing people among other things so I'm not exactly counting this story out though.
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