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Jan 31, 2006
I am trying to combine my Comcast cable signal with the RF output from the TV2 connection on my Dish 322 receiver. A somewhat detailed discussion of this topic is found here...


I am having a problem that whenever I connect any cable segment to the other side of the splitter I lose several of my digital Comcast channels due to "weak signal" - even if there is nothing connected to the other end of the cable segment. The cable signal is being fed over the original house cable plant (installed in 1986 - probably RG56/59 or similar) so I suspect there is significant signal loss, but it is only running about 25-30' from the main house distribution splitter, so I wouldn't think it would be that significant.

Anyway, I'm just looking for some "expert" advice to confirm or dispel my suspicions and offer any other suggestions.


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