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Mar 6, 2005
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Had old VCR,DVD (analog) player connected to TV and sound and picture was ok. Replaced it with a new digital Magnavox,(tuner,HD and DVD recorder) and volume from TV is low on TV when playing back with new unit. The sound is the same on both inputs to TV. Have been thru menus on TV and Recorder and have tried all the different setting,but no difference. Since the old analog units sound was ok.I assumed it has something to with the digital sound match. Any ideas on which settings I am not setting correctly or what could be causing the problem? Thanks John
One shouldn't post questions about a Magnavox DVD recorder to a DISH forum and hope for a thoughtful answer.

When asking about any hardware item, make sure you offer model numbers of the involved components and how they are connected. Leave out useless details like brand names of cables and how much you spent on them.

I'd suggest you repost your question with the addition of the important details to the Recording and Playback Equipment sub-forum of the Home Theater Equipment Forum that seems much more applicable to your DVD recorder.

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