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Going into the bowls, the mighty OU-verrated Sooners were ranked #3 coming off a 28 point whipping by KSU. How in the Hell does OU stay ahead of OSU in the final AP poll?

1) Both teams had two losses: OU lost to (LSU, #1/#2 in polls, and KSU, #13/#14 in polls) and OSU lost to (Michigan, #6/#7 in polls, and Wisconsin, unranked).

2) Wins: OSU beat four ranked teams (Iowa, Kansas State, Purdue, and Bowling Green), while OU beat only two (Texas and Nebraska). Did I mention that OSU just got done beating the K-State team that demolished OU a few weeks ago?

3) Top 10 wins: OSU had one (Iowa) and OU had none.

You lose your last regular season game by 28 points, and you should drop more than two spots. You lose your bowl game and you should drop at least one spot - especially when the team behind you beats the champ of your conference who just waxed you by 28.

So the Sooners get their butts kicked in their final two games by a merciful total of 5 TDs, they lose their bowl game, the Buckeyes win their bowl game against K-State, but OU stays at #3 ahead of OSU. :?:
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