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Apr 11, 2004
Near NYC
I've been trying to get myself off DTV since I got Voom but I can't seem to pull the plug. Today I made a step in the right direction (I think). I moved back to their package which offers all the crappy channels my wife likes (HGTV, Food Network, etc.) and kept the sports pack since I like my YES Network for the Yanks. I also canceled all of my movie channels. Now, instead of having their full line of programming, I've got this. I cut the bill (roughly) in half. I'm also keeping NFL Sunday Ticket. Honestly, this is probably the ONE thing which will make me hold onto DTV. I can listen to the Yanks on the radio but I can't catch my Eagles all of the time here (I live outside NYC).

Anyway, I then called Voom to order the VaVaVoom package. I thought (seriously) about adding Playboy HD but didn't pull the trigger on that one. Maybe once I get rid of DTV totally...

The only two things REALLY holding me back right now from ripping out DTV entirely is the lack of NFL Sunday Ticket (not gonna happen on Voom) and the lack of a DVR. I've still got my DirecTivo and now I'm paying $5 a month for the service but it's well worth it. Only thing is, I've found myself hardly watching stuff on the Tivo or DTV since I got Voom. I'm sure my, "Now Playing," list is loooooong.

I'm taking baby steps but I'm getting there.... :)

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