March 9, 2004 Live Retailer Chat Report!

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Welcome to SatelliteGuys.US and our exclusive LIVE coverage of the Retailer Charlie Chat!

As always we will only report news of interest to consumers, we will not talk about retailer issues such as costs and profits. If you are a retailer and wish to discuss those issues please visit out sister forum at

The Chat has begun and Charlie is not on this Charlie Chat, We instead have Amir and Jim Defranco.

They are now showing video from last nights Charlie Chat with Charlie telling whats going on with Viacom.

We will update this thread when there is something of interest to you the customers
New Locals

Decatr IL now has FOX
Ft Wayne,121 will launch on the 12th
Davenport IA is up on 105
Tri Cities 105 missing ABC
Greenbay WI is up Missing NBC and also CBS O&O on 121
Harwington? Dish 500 Market.

109 Markets

Planned Launches
El Paso
Fargo ND

There were a few more cities listed but read to fast to type them
Now Talking about WrestleMania 20 PPV, Amir asks Jim who his favorite wrestler is and Jim has no idea what wrestling is.
They are now showing a Cricket PPV Video and are explaining how to sell Cricket PPV to customers
Talking about International channels.

GEO TV which is a channel from Packastan $14.99 a month

Talking about Sirius Radio!
More about Sirius Radio

The current CD Channels will becme Sirius Music channels there will be 61 channels and there will be no talk channels and no NFL

Jim says most of the talk channels are just rebroadcasts of Dish Network video services anyways...

Now talking about Hardware
Scott Greczkowski said:
New Locals
There were a few more cities listed but read to fast to type them

Now that I put up my DirecTV Phase III dish, and swelled up my hand in the process, I was expecting them to announce Albany, GA locals just to tick me off! ;)

For equipment there are a lot of Single Tuner Units available
Lots of 322's 522's and 510.

811 are still in short supply but getting better.

921's is still haveing issues and is not available, they will update us on the next chat.

SuperDISH is still is low supply

Dual Tuner remotes are available, no remotes for 811's yet, 311's remotes are in short supply

DP 34 and Quad LNB's are back in stock again
Now talking about the new DHPP Plan (Digital Home Protection Plan) $5.99 for this protection. Talking about claim forms dealers need to fill out for DHPP work.
Question about 921's...

Bugs were found in the product by real videphiles and if your TV is not tuned properly the users had problem, so now they are tuning the units (ie new hardware) and upgrading software to fix these issues
Dealers are calling asking about what Dish is going to do to help the dealers as dealers are getting flooded with people to cancel their dish service.
Question when will the 811 have opentv?

There will be an upgrade next week which fixes some more bugs, and OpenTV should be available a month or so after that.

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