Merry Christmas YULE HD Coming to dish network :)

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  1. Good evening according to james long uplink report The World Famous Yule Log HD Channel on Dish is coming can check out the list for today including a special appeance by WJYS channel 62 out chicago coming back to dish not in HD which stinks.
    Uplink Activity Updates

    Thanks :)

    Allen bluegras
  3. WHAT! Joyce Meyer won't be in HD?? I'll have to reassess who my TV provider should be.....
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  4. What’s WJYS 62? Is that an inside joke around here or something?
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  5. WJYS 62 is a religious channel here in Chicago. They chose not to renew carriage a couple of years ago, and it appears that they will be back. I think they only broadcast in 480i and don't have an HD feed, but maybe they have launched an HD feed. I don't watch the channel to know for sure.
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  6. Only Allen can find excitement in watching a burning log on TV, then point out that certain showings of said log won't be in HD.
  7. Bite your tongue..i guess you never saw the wpix Yule log
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  8. I can watch a Yule log burn in 4K on Netflix, so I’ll pass on DISH’s version.
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  9. What's this?
    ...won't be in HD?
  10. He is talking about WJYS.
  11. and WJYS is an SD channel only. So, Allen still laments that Dish is not showing an SD only channel in HD...
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  12. I am amazed that Dish has any subscribers left in the Chicagoland area if they haven’t been carrying this channel for years!
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  13. according to the uplink report they have are in wonderful SD
  14. I think I’m going to go pinch off a yule log of my own :biggrin
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  15. Boy, am I glad I have a real fire place that way I can actually watch regular programming on my TV. I need my Christmas Story fix.
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  17. I haven't. But to be fair, that's because since I bought a house with a fireplace, I burn my own Yule log.
  18. I eventually bought it DVD years ago. The 24 hour marathon on two channels is just too much.
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  19. A lot of years we would just leave it on one TV in the background. I usually never watch the whole thing in one sitting but by the end of the day I've seen the whole thing in pieces.
  20. Have u ever seen the sequel?
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  21. 'Yule' be shocked at what your missing!!
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