MeTV now doing live streaming

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  1. I just wanted to give folks a heads up about something that doesn't seem to be, being talked about very much.

    For iOS/Android for users in Chicago (or a phone that at least thinks it's in Chicago :p) you can watch MeTV Live OTT.

    Now some shows will say "Show not available in your area" but other times be just fine.

    MeTV plans on rolling it out nationally soon as well.

    I noticed the stream goes as high as 720P.

    I like this idea in case others are like me and have sports games or other stuff preempting their MeTV station.
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  3. So far Land of the Giants, The Love Boat, and Carol Burnett have all said "Episode not available for streaming".

    I would hope once MeTV goes national streaming they would figure out all of these rights because there is very little point in streaming if so much is going to be blacked out.
  4. Well so much for this live stream.

    So far 4 times in a month their stream has done bizarre things.

    I did contact them about it today but so far it's still acting strange.

    Like when The Love Boat was supposed to be on 5PM Sunday, it was still showing the majority of I Love Lucy and freezing up and completely missing packets.

    Hopefully MeTV will be able to figure this out as doing some diagnostics they are missing entire videos packets.

    I was so glad to see MeTV doing this and then all of the sudden I run in to constant tech issues. LoL
  5. Getting, have you heard any more about metv doing live steaming. Thanks Larry
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