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Microsoft's annual developers conference opens tomorrow, March 30. I am at the conference. I'll let you guys know if I see anything interesting. I don't expect any major announcements this year, but you never know. Stay tuned!

You can watch the keynote live at
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Microsoft’s Build 2016 event: start time, live blog, and how to watch

Microsoft returns to San Francisco today to hold its Build 2016 developers conference. It’s an annual event that’s designed to give software developers a better understanding of what Microsoft is planning for the rest of the year. In previous years we’ve seen some pretty big announcements, but we’re expecting today’s keynote to be a little more low-key.

Microsoft is expected to detail its next major Windows 10 update, and the new features it contains. That could include bigger changes to Cortana, interactive Live Tiles, and improvements to the notification center. It might still be a little early for Microsoft to cover all of its planned features for future Windows 10 updates, but we’re still expecting some details.

It wouldn’t be a developer conference without Microsoft focusing on its new universal apps. We’re hoping to hear about other high-profile additions alongside Instagram and Facebook, and it’s likely that Microsoft will focus on how developers can create apps across PC, phone, tablets, and the Xbox One. Microsoft will also detail how its Windows 10 apps run on the Xbox One, and its plans for an app store.

How to watch
Starting time: San Francisco: 8:30AM / New York: 11:30AM / London: 4:30PM / Berlin: 5:30PM / Moscow: 6:30PM / New Delhi: 8:30PM / Beijing: 11:30PM / Tokyo: 12:30AM (March 31st) / Sydney: 2:30AM (March 31st).

Live blog: Tune into The Verge's live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue.

Live streaming: Microsoft's live stream is available online at the Channel 9 site.

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter for the latest headlines and details as they emerge.
The Keynote starts in a few minutes. It will be streaming live: see the link above.
The place is packed as always. I waited 45 minutes in line just to get in.
FYI, last year's conference was sold out in 15-20 minutes. This year it took less than 5 minutes! :)
New Windows version coming this summer: Windows Anniversary Update.
We will be able to use Windows Hello with apps and as a login to websites.

Cool! Windows Hello is my favorite feature on my Surface Pro and I wished I could use it in apps and web.
The Windows Ink demonstration looked pretty cool! Love the new ruler feature.
Windows 10 sees the fastest adoption ever, running on over 270 million devices already

Microsoft's BUILD 2016 developer conference is now underway with Satya Nadella kicking things off this morning followed by a briefing from Terry Myerson about the current adoption status of Windows 10.

"Windows 10 is now used by over 270 million people" -- Terry Myerson

— Andy Weir (@gcaweir) March 30, 2016
The OS is now being used on over 270 million devices and although Microsoft hasn't segregated the types of devices, as always it includes smartphones, IoT devices, tablets, Xbox One consoles and other supported Windows 10 devices.
HoloLens is officially launched today and is shipping to developers and enterprise partners.
I am heading to the Destination Mars HoloLens demonstration now...
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The HoloLens demonstration was fun. I posted my thoughts and observations in the HoloLens thread. Check it out.
A big new theme in the yesterday's keynote was about Conversation as a Platform. Basically integration of various communication tools and bots in Windows. Think Skype conference with Cortana's participation, as a most obvious example. What this means for developers, is that new APIs will be made available and will hopefully be unified allowing for adding Cortana -like experience to your own apps, etc.

The end of the keynote was absolutely amazing and caused standing ovation: Cortana talking to a blind person and explaining him what she was seeing in front of him!
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Another Keynote starts now. This one will be mostly about the Cloud, development tools and probably about Xamarin acquisition.
Xamarin will now be included for free with Visual Studio and will be Open Source! This is great news for developers!

Xamarin is a development tool that essentially allows single-source development for multiple platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.
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Microsoft HoloLens

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