Mike's Working Vacation In Siberia (in December)

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Jun 4, 2004
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Just to let you all know....I'm back on American soil, after 17 days in Russia, doing a site survey and installation at a remote mining camp in eastern Siberia.
Full details on this adventure can be found in the latest NEWS AND VIEWS update on the Global Communications website at www.global-cm.net
Welcome back Mike

Just read the link. Awesome story. Other than the frigid cold, sounds like fun
WOW. That was some trip. It is always difficult in foreign countries, usually for the lack of a lot of things we take for granted here, but that weather and cold, well, that's another kettle of fish altogether. Very commendable that you got it done at all.
Of course I'll go back. It's a challenge that few people will touch, and I've already done the homework by being there already. And the environment also serves as a crash course in toning up my muscles. Six story walkup apartments (with no elevators) carrying 80 or 90 pounds of luggage makes for a great workout.
The main hallway in the camp is about 900 feet long, so there's always a lot of serious walking getting from one area to another, and then you could always go outside and do some serious physical work while challenging those frostbite demons.
Great story.

Not sure if you've ever watched the program "Long Way Round" that documents the motorcyle trip of two UK actors who travel East from London to New York. Their trip takes them down the Road of Bones into Magadan.


Really interesting to watch, but they went during more favorable weather.
Geesh, I was talking with someone the other day and we talked about you real quick I mentioned I wondered how you were doing and the reply I got back was "He's probably up in Siberia someplace installing satellite dishes"

Well I guess that person knows what they were talking about. :)

Welcome back! :D
Tape it up real good....get the TV working and then go inside and nurse the frostbite while watching that TV with others enjoying it for the first time.
In a situation such as this, you've got to get the job done first, any way possible, using the means and tools at hand, no matter how limited they might be.
I hope it isn't colder on my next trip, but -50 temps are common in February.
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