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HI... new to the site. This question has probably cropped up before but I am a Direct TV user, and have been for some time without changing any equipment. Have currently 2 Mini Genie C41-700's hook up into my system and would like to add a 3rd one. My, how things have changed with Direct TV. They want me to now BUY one for $99 when they used to just send you one and charge you a user fee each month! I see I can buy a unit on Ebay for much less but can I purchase one on Ebay and activate it using Direct TV's online site without them somehow having a cow and blocking the signal?
Call them again and at the voice prompt say "Contract end date" or something to that effect. You could also try "Customer loyalty department." Those should get you to someone capable of just sending you one for free.

If you've been a loyal customer and paid your bills on time, you might even get a break on your bill if you get the right CSR.
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