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Sep 8, 2003
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What kind off news do you guys (and gals :D ) think we will hear from the Mini Team Summit? Or what would you like to hear?

I would like to hear some specific dates on South Bend, IN locals from E* and D*. :D
I would like to hear the MSRP and availability date of the 522, the date that Dish will add PBSKids to AT100/150 and the date the DVOD fee will cease. :D
Someone we all know will be attending and I'm sure that we will be getting a lot of good information.
And perhaps that is when there will be some of these "big news" announcements that has been mentioned for a while here, maybe because that is where some if not all of the information is going to come from. There are a lot of things people are curious about.

We are looking forward to any information that you can post. I hope they don't make you sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement).
Or maybe some of this information that is going to be announced at the mini team summit is already known and when they have the summit people know that a lot of that information is going to be let out in the open.
Well, don't forget that a lot of the big news was released in the last Charlie Chat.

6000 offer
SuperDish offer
New HD package launch
New HD Receivers to launch

I'm hoping to hear from the summit which additional HDTV channels can be expected with a SuperDish installation. I fear at first it will only the same ones that we get from the Wings today.

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