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Sep 7, 2003
Shawnee, KS
Currently I have a Dish 500 with 2 LNBs and a Dish 300 (Single LNB). I have a PVR721, 3 DishPlayer 7100 and a Dish 5000. I am replacing the DishPlayers with 508s and a second 721.

I have maxed out two sw64's and now one of hte sw64s in not working. Rather than buy another sw64, I'm wondering what it would cost to change to the dishpro system so I can expand easier if I want to add another switch?
DishDepot had a special running for an upgrade (twin dishpro lnb + Single dispro lnb + Legacy Adapter + SW34pro for I believe $249. A pretty good deal when I was looking.

I changed my setup - now check switch is almost instant (where the sw64s took forever).

You will need another SW34 daisy chained for all the inputs you need (2 721's, 2 508's and another 721)

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