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Sep 18, 2006
I realize this topic may have already come up, but can anyone tell me why I don't get many of the channels on ExpressVu that I know other people get in Canada and in other parts of the US. I am in the Los Angeles area. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks!
there are many areas that just get no or low signal from some of the transponders on the Nimiq satellites.
Thanks Pepper. It seems I don't get many of the odd number transponders. I just lost ch502 - CBC News World which I use to get but I don't see the change on the Uplink Report posted by digiblur.
ExpressVu is using 2 satellites on 91. One is an old DirecTV satellite that basically is crap. When ExpressVu shifted the footprint to cover their legit area, in the process they cut off some Southern Subs in Florida, California, etc
N4i TP's are 3, 7, 9, 11, 17, 21, 23, 25
N1 TP's use the remainder

Reception of TP's is variable based on location - local experience is best guide. Ironically, the odd shape of the old DirecTV satellite [N4i] reception footprint is a bonus in the Caribbean - we get better signals on that than via N1

CBC NewsWorld moved from TP 24 on N1 to TP 21 on N4i

The suffering is spread around - As an example of the crap shoot - we got NewsWorld back, but lost some west coast network feeds (which makes time-shift recording easier) - sigh.

Hope this helps...
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so EVu is using the same TP's for N4 as they did when they had N3 there

good info to know. Since I am in MN I can see all of them so thats why I asked :)
Missing Channels & Transponders

Recently has anyone notice how the signal strength on 82 is up and down? I have been watching this for a week or so as I decide weather or not to get a 30 inch dish for 82. Yesterday morning the strength were in the high 60's to low 80's for me. I have never been able to receive any signal on TP 8-12-24. Last night, all the signal strengths were down in the mid 50's to high 60's and within 2 hours they started to creap back up. The weather has been clear with no rain for the past 48 hours. This morning the strength were all stronger in the high 60's to low 80's. Now TP 4-8-10-12-24-26-30 have 0 strength, but yet these are the High Def channels that I receive:

800 CTV East HD
801 Global HD
802 CBC HD
803 City HD
806 CTV West HD
805 Demo
809 Treasure HD
810 Oasis HD
811 Rush
812 Equator HD
813 A&E HD
815 NBC East HD
816 ABC East HD
817 CBS East HD
819 PBS East HD
820 NBC West HD
821 ABC West HD
822 CBS West HD
823 Fox West
824 PBS West
825 WGN HD
829 VU HD
830 VU PPV
831 VU PPV
832 VU PPV
833 VU PPV
840 MHD
849 Raptor HD
850 TSN
851 SN HD
852 SCR HD
853 Discovery HD

Grant it that my highest strength is TP 9 @ 85% and my lowest is TP 32 @ 60% is not the greatest, thus the consideration on the larger dish. I run 2 seperate 20 inch dishes for 91 and 82. In my particular case, I was able to get a better signal when I skew the 82 dish for my area about +17 than to leave it at 0. It increased my strength about 3-5 %. Strange as it may sound it's true.

Questions I have:

Has anyone else noticed the shift in strength on 82?

What are on those TP that I am not getting??

Can anyone recemmond a 30 inch dish that will accept the current LNB without buying a new one?

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