MLB 2017 Season

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  1. Bull pen for the Tigers have been an issue for 20 years now, at least.
    They have never had a Shut Down bullpen since '84.
  3. So, the Reds are still in first place. Huh? Will it last, doubt it with now 3 of the projected starters on the DL, but who knows. Anything is possible I guess.
  4. Tigers getting hammered with injuries, 4 starters out.

    Bring up 2 AAA players and in thier first game go 6 for 9 with a double, HR and 7 RBI !

    Of course, this is not gonna happen daily ... lol.
  5. Detroit Tigers with a 16-4 lead on Seattle in the 6th inning, can the Bullpen hold the lead ?
  6. Tigers win last night 19-9, Seattle goes for the two point conversion and misses :)
  7. Then the next night the Tigers can't score at all (or pitch for that matter) and lose 8-0.
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  8. Looks like it's gonna be another Looooooong year for the Tigers.
  9. The Reds too.....
  10. There are some bright spots with the Tigers but right now it doesn't look good.

    Nick Castalonos looks like he may have finally got comfortable with the game as he's playing much better.
    A few minor league guys have shown up and done very well so far while they wait for players to come back from injury.

    Once JD. Martinez and Cabrera get back into the swing of things ... both should be back in another week or so, it will be the first time they have had the starting 9 on the field this year ....

    Well see if they can gell and be a formable team or if they continue thier maddening inconsistent ways.

    Tigers bull pen had ALWAYS been terrible and it doesn't look any better this year.
  11. History has happened Tonight !!!
    Teams continually do this shift against left handed pull hitters .... putting only one guy on the 3rd base side of the diamond.
    Tigers Victor Martinez is one of the slowest base runners in the world ... (bad knees and being about 40 yrs old will do that to you.)
    Anyways, Victor bunted down to 3rd base, the ball sat about 10 feet from 3rd when it stopped, while Victor stood on 1st base with a huge grin on his face, the rest of the club house as well.
    This was Victors 1st bunt base in his career ... of over 1700 games.

    Btw, Justin Upton followed Victor and missed a HR by about a foot on the next pitch, so they had 2nd and 3rd and Alex Avilla, the guy that has hit about .200 for his career, laced a base hit to score both.

    Btw, Avilla is hitting about .350 this year ... not sure how that happened, but we'll take it.
  12. Does anyone have a good not washed up Closer available ?
    Everyone the Tigers get someone it's at the end of their career and they are generally Terrible .... a la Rodriguez...

    Nothing worse than an unreliable Closer that the manager feels he has to pitch ... as he's the Closer.

    They Had and could have had Andrew Miller again but let him go to the rival Indians.... they also let them get Francona when he was available ... 2 moves the Tigers should have made and didn't
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  13. Tigers tonight just had the bases loaded and No One OUT and DID NOT SCORE
  14. When the tigers go west, bad things usually follow. Well it also doesn't help when pitching stinks

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  15. Reds went 17 innings last night
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    The Detroit Tigers have a total of 2 hits against the Astros thru 14 innings ... both singles. anemic...

    4 hits on the night and yet another loss.
  17. Was just noticing, Houston, in 1st place, has a half empty stadium.
    Thats sad.
    I thought it was bad in Detroit.
  18. Did anyone watch the HR Derby? All-Star game?
  19. Not here, didn't watch the game either except for a few minutes ...
  20. I watched the All Star Game but I have zero interest in the HR Derby. Baseball All Star game is the only one of the major sports I watch and enjoy. The game doesn't change unlike the others.
  21. The Braves have done fairly well considering their roster at the first of the year. Offensively this team has been a very pleasant surprise. I just hope they can build on that during the second half. Pitching wise, Dicky has been very good last 6 starts and the bullpen has been decent overall. I think they are on the fence about being buyers or sellers.