2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

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  1. Alabama is again No. 1 in the preseason Amway Coaches Poll

    First Coaches Poll is out. ROLL TIDE!
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  3. You can put the tide there Every year ... seeing they have high recruiting every year ...
    Its what you do with those players that makes the difference.

    These polls really go by where you ended up last year and who you brought in.
    Those coming in may or may not make the field this year ...

    I can only think of maybe a hand full of incoming players that the Buckeyes will be playing b this year, at least as a Starter or be a high influence player in the Freshman year.
    It's all a crap shot with new players coming in, that said, Bama and the Buckeyes and a few others do better than most in this crap shoot ...
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  5. Texas is ranked after being 5-7 last year? Yeah, that polls gonna change a lot pretty quickly.

    And Georgia at 15? Really? Granted their schedule is cake this year, but so far Eason is turning into a bust, as well as the Kirby Smart hire.

    And really, USC(w) at #4?
  6. Kentucky should be on there before Georgia and Texas, and I don't think they should be either.
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  7. Vanderbilt beat Georgia and Tennessee, yet those 2 are ranked and Vandy isn't. ;)
  8. Texas is gaining a lot from the hiring of Tom Herman
    USC will be the real deal this year, i think.
    Georgia, I don't know anything about them yet.
  9. Vanderbilt was 6-7 last year and is not really considered a HIGH team in recruiting, why do you think they should be in the top 25 ?
  10. Well they also went 9-4 and 8-5 and finished tied for second in the east , where vandy had a losing record.

    Shouldn't have lost that game, but it happens.
  11. Wasn't that they should be, was that Georgia and Tennessee shouldn't be, much less Georgia being up at #15.
  12. Georgia also had 3 late comeback wins against Missouri, Kentucky, and the mighty Nichols State.

    The Vandy loss wasn't an aberration to how they played last year.
  13. Preseason rankings are always great when your team makes them but generally they are completely meaningless. Every year teams like Texas and Notre Dame are in the top 25 just because of their name alone.
  14. I dont necessarily disagree on Georgia last season. Their record was better than they actually played.
    However they have been having recruiting success, and I can easily see them being a strong team this season.

    The team I see that doesnt belong imo is Texas. They definitely got in on name brand alone.
  15. Michigan has a young team this year, not sure at this point about them in top ten, but I guess like all the preseason polls we shall see once the season starts
  16. They shouldn't even bring out polls till after week 4 or 5. Even the Buckeyes, Clemson and Bama don't know how good they will be, particularly Early in the season with as many players as they lose to the Draft each year.
    Granted they will be up there somewhere ... someone has to be up there.
    However, those early polls have us talking about College Football and that's exactly what those polls are meant to do.
  17. UGA has come up with a new plan to help keep their players eligible. :D

    University of Georgia students can choose their own grades in 'stress reduction' policy

  18. Got my season tickets and tickets for game at FedEx Field opening weekend to watch VT destroy West VA!!
    VT has the perfect schedule this year I think to make a run... Clemson at home should be a night/College gameday game. Miami game is away that may be the deciding winner of the Coastal.. I'd love to see VT face FSU in ACC title game with both teams undefeated as I predict FSU will beat Alabama opening weekend.
    GT over Tenn for sure - Tenn won't find a solution to stop that triple option and Butch Jones will be out by mid year.. he's on the hot seat.

  19. Well, the sec has two games versus the acc in the bag now.

    Bama and Tennessee will definitely win after that prediction. ;)
  20. lol maybe but I tell ya I'm really curious to see if they will even play in that new stadium.. I heard it wasn't no where near finished. The roof isnt' automatic yet - takes 2-3 days to close/open it manually.
    Be rather funny if they had to play in the old one since I think both games are set to play there just two days apart.

    I'm looking forward to going to the new stadium soon as VT goes back.. be pretty cool to see.
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