2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

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  1. They can't play in the old one. Most of the equipment has been removed, the lower bowl seats are gone.

    The new one will be ready, even if the roof isnt fully functional.
  2. From the cameras I can see it looks pretty close to being done so prob right. its gonna be nice to see it played in...very nice stadium best in the country.
  3. It was planned for the roof to be closed for the kickoff games, so doesn't matter if they have it operational or not. Falcons don't plan to have it opened until at least week 3.

    The interior is complete, the field was laid a couple weeks ago.

    And as was mentioned, they're already tearing up the Ga Dome.

    Already have my tickets for the GT/UT game, as they included them with our season tickets this year, and will make for a great end to DragonCon that weekend. :D

    I feel sorry for anyone looking for parking during the FSU/Alabama game, as DragonCon will be in full swing that day, with the parade being the morning of the Bama/Noles game. At least our game is during the last day when most will have left around lunchtime.
  4. I thought about going to DragonCon, but decided not to go and I am glad I did. That will be crazy traffic.
  5. dvrexpander that VPI / Clemson game is going to be MASSIVE.

    I'm in "preying for a bowl game" mode with my Huskies. Let's go!
  6. The key is to get there very early, before the parking lots fill up. Or just park at one of the remote Marta lots and take the train into downtown.

    Luckily the worst of the traffic is on the northside (due to the HOT construction on 75 north of the perimeter), and I live south of the city. :D
  7. Parking around that area isn't a problem if you are ok with walking - when I went there was a elementary school 3-4 blocks away and I parked FREE right beside it and just walked up.. no big deal and was easy to get out.
    Just be patient and don't worry about parking close and you should be fine.
  8. Oh for sure - looking at the other games that week this appears to be the biggest game. Its likely both teams will be undefeated going into it. I figure FSU will be #1 after week one and Clemson moving up to #2 as I'm sure Oklahoma will smack the piss out of Ohio St. USC doesn't have what everyone thinks this year and is highly overrated - I hope Stanford upsets them hard or even Texas.
    All we have to do is take care of business with West VA first week and the other games till Clemson are pie... I figure that game will put #2 Clemson vs prob a top 15 VT in a rematch from last years ACC title game that came down to the wire. I'm sure Gameday will be there.
  9. It will surely be odd if FSU moved to number 1 after the first game. Can't think of anytime that a team has jumped the team that beat them in the very next pole.
  10. Curious, what makes you say this ?
  11. Very rarely that, That situation comes up to have an opportunity either.
    Meaning, how often do you get the chance to play that team right afterwards.
  12. He knew you would respond. ;)
  13. Getting into my game picking mode... did you think Clemson would shut out Ohio St last year the way they did? Nope I don't think you did..but it happened.
    I just think Oklahoma is going in there with a huge chip on their shoulder and will play lights out.

    Isn't CFB great!!
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    And you put your home and money on Vegas before that game because you KNEW for sure ?

    Fwiw, Ohio State lost plenty to the draft this past year, but Oklahoma lost thier offense with the exception to Mayfield.

    This game could be very good or a one sided affair ...

    Fwiw, Oklahoma is NOT CLEMSON .
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  15. I wouldn't be so sure, after the losses in personnel Clempson had, I'm not sure they'll be able to beat Cow Tech as well as Louisville.

    And what is with the OOC schedule y'all set up this year (VWU, Delaware, East Carolina, Old Dominion)? With that kind of schedule, even if y'all go undefeated, no one is going to rank you high before the Clempson game after only playing those four teams.
  16. Oklahoma is an unknown quantity starting the year. Bob Stoops is retired. I don't know if that's good or bad. It does put an offensive coordinator in the head coach job, but Baker Mayfield is the only marquee player in the offense. Defense and special teams will need to improve for any success.
  17. Lol, I saw that ooc schedule too. We've got some cupcakes too, everyone does, but that's pretty bad.

    Edit:. Looking, Florida State aside ours isn't any better. Lol.
  18. Trust me here - if I was making the schedule I wouldn't have even looked at Delaware or ODU.... for some reason they are using it as help to recruit the 757 which is where most other schools including Alabama target for high rated recruits.
    ECU has always played hard and even been ranked in the top15 before so they are a really good team. I'm not sure who VWU is?
    As long as they win and win big in those two low games without very much effort and certainly no ball dropping mistakes they will ride up the rankings some and well of course with some help from the teams below falling in those few weeks.

    Most Fans were rather pissed to see the schedule come out for not just this year but several years coming.... they did away with our Thursday night again so everyone is highly upset. I'm all like Saban here... there should only be power 5 playing power 5..period.

    I felt they should have discounted our damn season tickets because of the Delaware and ODU games...
    as I said..very unhappy with that but what can I do but pull for them to win big and finish the year undefeated.

    and who is Cow Tech?? I really don't understand these names you give for teams..just spell it out for Gods sake..
  19. It's a typo for WVU, danged dyslexia ;)
    Oh, don't get me wrong, they'd go up, but just not much, as beating those 4 schools is something anyone should be able to do.
    Anyone familiar with the SEC would know. I could have gone with Aubarn, but I like using Cow Tech as we have some engineers at work that went there. :D