MLB: EI Package ... Trying to order!


Jan 24, 2006
Chicago, IL
Hey everyone!

I am a new dish customer as of 2 months and I am trying to order the MLB: EI package. However, I am running into some problems..

Have any new customers been able to successfully order this package as of late? I have talked with three reps and all three say it is not available for purchase yet. When I ask them when I can order it to take advantage of the early bird pricing they tell me that they do not have this information and to check the website as to when it will be available..

The season starts in 25 some odd days, so I would like to order the package before I miss out on the early bird pricing...

Thanks for any info in advance!


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Package usually becomes available last week of preseason. Early bird special goes from then to about the first or second week of the regular season. Check guide at 625 channel range, when you see more than the one current channel, the package will be available.


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Sep 12, 2003
Brielle, NJ
Just be aware that E* currently does not have agreements with several RSNs right now. They haven't carried YES so all Yankees games are blacked out unless the visiting team's network is carrying the game. Ditto for the Mets, Indians, Phillies (both satellite services are blocked due to a loophole Comcast is using) , and a few others I believe. In New York, they are paying for TWO RSNs that carry ZERO baseball games.

Given the egos involved I wouldn't look for a YES deal anytime soon. I'm hoping that the other networks can come to a reasonable deal so our Extra Innings package isn't watered down.

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