Mobile apps not always updating.

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Jul 6, 2010
Hello all. I have both Tapatalk and the satellite guys reader app installed on my iPhone 7+. I have instances where in Tapatalk I have a notice that there is a reply to a subscribed thread but when I go to that thread it's not updated at all. Then today I have been getting multiple push notifications from the SatelliteGuys reader app saying who replied to a post. I will go into these notifications and I'm taken to the correct thread but it is not updated. I then navigate to that thread on Tapatalk and it IS updated. So for mobile use it seems both apps are required as one may show different updated threads while the other does not.

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Ok both apps saw this update. I like the mobile view of the page in iPhone safari but I get random pop ups like "Congratulations your are the winner of blah blah blah..." It reminds me of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode called WWWYZZERDD which can be seen here:
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